According to police reports, a law enforcement officer of the Salisbury Police Department and a suspect that he was attempting to apprehend crashed their respective cars into each other and were both transported to a nearby hospital for treatment as a result.

Michael Victor Rayne has not done any favors for himself
According to Salisbury Police Department authorities, the suspect has been identified as 27-year old Michael Victor Rayne. Apparently, Rayne and his girlfriend who lives with him were both involved in a heated verbal argument following which the police were called. As soon as responding police officers arrived on the scene, Rayne hopped into his car and sped away. The cops that had just arrived decided against pursuing Rayne and instead stayed put at the scene to interrogate his girlfriend.
However, another officer that was making routine rounds around Camden Avenue was also called to the scene, as he put his blinkers on started travelling towards Rayne’s place of residence, out of nowhere, Rayne’s car collided into his. At this point you may feel that Rayne is in serious trouble and he is but this does not mean that any one of the fabulous attorneys on the site cannot defend someone like this and make sure their rights are not stepped on.
As reported by Delmarva Now, investigators are not sure how exactly the crash occurred and are currently attempting to reconstruct the accident to comprehend what exactly transpired. Initially, Rayne and the injured officer, identified as Zachary Converse, were both rushed to Peninsula Regional Medical Centre, where it was established that the severity of the injuries exceeded what they could handle at the care center. Both parties were subsequently transferred to another facility named R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Centre in Baltimore, Maryland.
Healthcare professionals at R Adams Cowley Shock and Trauma Centre have released in a statement that none of the persons involved have sustained life threatening injuries and are expected to fully recuperate with time.
Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded car accident victim
Baltimore wrongful death lawsuit ends in a $60,000 settlement   
The family of a woman that was killed in 2012 in a car accident has been paid an amount of $60,000 as compensation. The deceased has been identified as Jordasha Rollins who as 22 in 2012 at the time of her death, as reported by
According to investigators and accident attorneys, it was an unfortunate case of the person being in the wrong location at the wrong time. During the time of the crash, Rollins also had her child and mother along with her in the car. They both sustained injuries but unlike Rollins, they managed to survive.
The $60,000 was the maximum that the family could have gotten out of the case anyway. According to state law, there is a cap on how much the city are liable to pay and that limit is $60,000. The city was held accountable as the car that crashed into Rollins was none other than a city police vehicle. The tragedy occurred as the officer was pursuing a speeding reckless driver through the streets of the city.
Personal injury and car accident laws in Maryland
Car accidents are a common occurrence in Maryland. According to statistics, over 90% of drivers inevitably are faced with an accident (minor or major\fatal or non-fatal) at least once during their lifetimes. Auto accident laws in the state of Maryland are very extensive and it is always a prudent idea to consult someone local, hardworking, and awesome. If you are in search of an accident attorney in Maryland, Ashcraft & Gerel are the attorneys to call and they can be reached through their website which is right here:
However, there are some basic rules that all residents need to be aware of when it comes to car accidents in Maryland. To begin with, there exists a statute of limitations which stipulates that claims cannot be filed after three years since the date of the accident/incident.
Secondly, Maryland is “fault” state, where as the name suggests, the person at fault for the accident is responsible and will be held financially accountable. Only makes sense right?

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