San Antonio, TX, When might the driver in front be liable for a rear-end accident?

Although a large percentage of the rear-end accidents that occur on U.S. roadways are caused by the driver in the back, there are instances when a driver in front could be held liable or even partially liable for causing a wreck. Below are a few examples of when a driver in front might be held responsible for a read-end accident.


  1. The driver made an unsafe lane change.

When traveling on a roadway that is divided into two or more lanes, a driver must not change lanes unless it is clearly safe to do so, according to Texas Transportation Code § 545.060. When a driver fails to check the lane they intend on moving into to ensure it is clear of traffic and performs the maneuver anyway, they could be held liable if their actions caused a rear-end collision to transpire.


  1. The driver stopped abruptly.

This may or may not result in a driver in front being held accountable for causing a rear-end collision. For example, if a driver wasn’t paying attention to traffic and it suddenly began to slow down, if they slammed their brakes to avoid an accident which then caused the driver in back to rear-end their vehicle, this would serve as grounds for them being held liable for the wreck. However, if a driver in front was operating their vehicle cautiously and carefully and had to stop because a vehicle up ahead swerved into their lane or stopped abruptly, then another party may actually be held liable if a vehicle collided into the back of their vehicle.


  1. The motorist in front was driving recklessly.

When a driver operates their vehicle in a way that is likely to bring harm upon others, they may be guilty of reckless driving. According to Texas Transportation Code § 545.401, driving recklessly is considered a criminal offense which is punishable by a fine of up to $200 and a jail sentence of no more than 30 days. If a driver operates their vehicle in a reckless manner which causes the vehicle in the back to collide with them, they could be held liable for the rear-end accident.


  1. The driver in front accidentally backed up into the vehicle behind them.

If a vehicle accidentally backs up into another vehicle, the driver would likely be held accountable for the rear-end accident. This might happen when a driver attempts to accelerate their vehicle but neglects to notice it is in reverse.


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