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San Diego, CA – Due to a recent accident involving a carnival ride, California officials have shut down six amusement park rides throughout the state.
The San Diego Tribune reveals that after a ride failed to work properly and killed an 18-year-old at State Fair in Ohio this past week, authorities made the executive decision to go ahead and shut down all similar rides throughout the state of California.
Rides that were reportedly shut down include the “Fireball,” “G Force,” “Delirium,” and “La Revolucion.” This statewide ride shutdown affects numerous California amusement parks, including:

  • Sacramento’s Cal Expo State Fair
  • The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  • The Orange County Fair
  • Santa Clara’s California’s Great America
  • Buena Park’s Knott’s Berry Farm

According to the San Diego Tribune, the decision to shut down all of these rides across the state comes in the wake of the tragedy at the fair in Columbus. Just last week, the gondola of one of their rides broke off, killing one of the ride-goers.
Tyler Jarrell, who had just enlisted in the Marine Corps this past Friday, was killed after he landed almost 60 feet away from the ride. About seven others, who were all between the ages of 14 to 42, were reportedly injured in the same incident.
One witness recalls that “the whole thing flew off,” and when it hit the ground, Jarrell was unfortunately not breathing.
The San Diego Patch shares that when the ride works as it is supposed to, it would swing passengers about 120 degrees in both directions and about 60 feet in the air, while spinning throughout the entire time.
The company who makes the equipment for the faulty ride, KMG, released a statement sharing that the gondola detached from the arm. They reportedly ordered all Fire Ball operations to cease and desist current operations until further notice.
The organization which protects the safety of passengers on amusement rides, tramways, and elevators, Cal/OSHA, shared that agency officials will be inspecting the rides. Until then, they do not anticipate them running anytime soon.
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