(San Joaquin, CA) – November 21st, 2016 – A man from San Joaquin is pointing a finger at the car manufacturer Ford and claims that they have failed to honor the terms of the settlement as ordered by the a US  court. Well at least Ford did not need a bailout like GM (government motors) did.

As reported by norcalrecord.com, the plaintiff in the case has been identified as Roscoe Walker and he has now filed yet another lawsuit against Ford in which he details that Ford has not settled as per the settlement contract Ford had made with him and his wife after he had filed a lawsuit against the auto giant back in September 2007. San Joaquin, CA accident lawyers point out that the plaintiff does have the right to take the matter to court.

The 2007 lawsuit was a personal injury lawsuit in which Ford was one of the defendants listed. The car accident itself occurred back in 2005, and the lawsuit which was filed in 2007 was in accordance with the statute of limitations, say California accident attorneys. The plaintiff and his wife then accepted settlement offers in 2011 which essentially meant that they would be entering into a binding and irrevocable contract with Ford. However, the man now alleges that Ford never honored their end of the contract and is therefore suing them for the same.
In the lawsuit, it has been alleged that the defendant agreed to the plaintiff’s wife’s settlement request and mailed her a check for the same. However, as far as the plaintiff himself was concerned, they did not oblige unless he agreed to claims regarding Medicare benefits.
The plaintiff now holds Ford Motor Co. liable for financial damages resulting from them now forwarding checks to him as initially agreed upon in the settlement contract, say San Joaquin, CA accident lawyers. The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury and economical damages and legal expenses as compensation in the lawsuit.

Lawsuit claims US Postal Service vehicle caused injury to motorist
A motorist claims he sustained injuries in a car accident which, he alleges, was caused primarily by a US Postal Service employee in Los Angeles, according to norcalrecord.com. The plaintiff is Takashi Watanabe and he has listed defendants, namely, the United States of America, United States Postal Service, Wendy Sura, and Does 1 through 20.
The lawsuit alleges negligence on part of the defendants and seeks economic and non-economic damages stemming from the auto accident.
Supposedly, Watanabe was rear ended by a US Postal Service truck which was being operated by Sura. The auto accident is said to have occurred on Second Street. Evidence from video footage and the investigation report can play a major role in establishing liability, if any, according to California accident attorneys.
Why do you need an accident lawyer?
Accident legislation is vast with several complex statutes and codes. Most car accident cases do not go to trial and are settled outside of court. However, irrespective of whether a case goes to trial or is settled out of court, it is imperative that you are well represented by an experienced California accident lawyer who will work to ensure that you receive the best possible compensation.

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