Santa Rosa California – Two DUI Crashes

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Santa Rosa, California – A recent report from the Santa Rosa Police Department has highlighted the alarming occurrence of two DUI crashes on Sunday. In both distressing incidents, drivers recklessly collided with parked vehicles, resulting in their subsequent arrest.


One of the crashes took place near the intersection of Hoen Avenue and Summerfield Road. According to law enforcement officials, the suspect’s vehicle struck a stationary car before careening off the road’s north side and ultimately flipping over onto the adjacent grassy area.


The driver responsible for this harrowing accident is Anthony Manos, a 35-year-old resident of Santa Rosa. Following the crash, both Manos and his passenger were promptly transported to a local hospital. While the passenger sustained moderate injuries, Manos underwent medical observation as a precautionary measure.


Given the severe nature of the incident, Manos was apprehended and charged with felony DUI, which resulted in injury to another person. He is currently detained at Sonoma County Jail, with bail set at $100,000.


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