A 19-year-old Saratoga County man is being sentenced to prison after causing a fatal car crash. It was last August when the accused was driving in his Chevy Malibu along with another passenger who was 16. The two had been hanging out near the Fenimore Bridge with friends during the hours before the accident and the accused was on his way taking his passenger home.  During that time, he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana and was speeding at rates of 104 mph. The New Jersey Herald reported that the driver intentionally oversteered the car to make it “drift” which then resulted in the vehicle going off the road and into some trees on Bluebird Road.

Sadly, the passenger was killed in the DUI accident and The Post Star stated that a 14-year-old passenger was seriously hurt, however, the source provided no details on who that person was.

The driver was charged for the fatal crash and eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughter and vehicular assault and has been sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison. His defense attorney initially asked that the judge sentence him as a youthful offender, which would only carry a prison sentence between one to four years and the convictions would be sealed. However, Saratoga County Assistant District Attorney “argued against that request, calling the drivers actions “egregious.”
The assistant district attorney stated that “the reality is the passenger paid the ultimate price, his life, for the defendant’s recklessness.” The judge overseeing the case highlighted the driver had prior contact with the criminal justice system, which was a misdemeanor conviction as an adult which was prior to the accident, which is why he refused to grant Miranda the request for being tried as a youthful offender. Friends and family of the deceased passenger showed up in court wearing black sweatshirts with the phrase “RIP” on the front and “guardian angel” on the back to pay their respects to the teen who lost his life.
The deceased passengers father also spoke in court, telling the judge his son that he was a “great kid” and was “always helping others.” The driver “wept through much of the proceeding and said that was” deeply sorry” for the accident that was responsible for taking the life of another.

After losing a loved one to a fatal accident or sustaining a serious injury in a crash that is expected to impact your life going forward, you should always hire a Saratoga Springs accident lawyer to represent you. In most of these instances, you are either seeking justice or compensation for your pain and suffering, and without a lawyer there to defend you and your interests, you might not receive the outcome you expected.
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