Authorities have confirmed that at least six school children are dead after their school bus crashed, as reported by CNN. The school bus driver has been taken into custody and charged with criminal offenses in connection with the accident.

The school bus was transporting children belonging to Woodmore Elementary School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The driver has been identified as Johnthony Walker and is now facing charges of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving – multiple counts, which can lead to severe penalties and punishment, according to poignant accident lawyers in Chattanooga, TN and the best way to find a legal pro is by using


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The auto accident is still being investigated by accident reconstruction experts, investigators, and accident legal counselors. According to police reports and concurring eye witness testimonies, the school bus ploughed into a tree and was split almost into two upon impact. The scene was soon packed with frantic parents, some of whom were unable to control their emotions and were screaming and crying, understandably.
The bus was carrying a total of 35 children and it fell onto its side prior to striking the tree. The children belonged to age groups ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Emergency responding units got to the scene and had to work for several hours to remove the children from the debris.
As many as 23 children were transported to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga.
What we know about the driver – Johntony Walker 
Walker is alleged to have been speeding and has been charged with multiple crimes accordingly and auto accident lawyers in Chattanooga, TN know this is going to be a big case. However, his family maintain that it was nothing but a terrible auto accident but his family is on the wrong side of logic on this one. Walker was tested for alcohol and drugs and his results showed that he was not under the influence of either at the time of the vehicle accident.
Traffic Accident Injury
Walker is reported to have had a second job working as a fulfillment associate with Amazon and had worked a late shift the previous night and could have been fatigued which could have played a role in causing the auto accident.
At least he works! Unlike so many Americans waiting for their government handouts.
Apparently, Walker’s driving did not seem safe at all even days prior to the auto accident. Children and parents had raised alarm bells saying he drove recklessly and made quick sharp turns as if he deliberately wanted the bus to flip over on its side. Such accounts had come from multiple students prior to the auto accident, which will be taken into consideration from a legal perspective according to Tennessee auto accident attorneys.
Johnthony Walker obviously is at fault and should not have been driving those children.
NTSB completes on scene investigation
The National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed that they have completed the on-scene investigation and the crash site can now be cleared.
They have investigated the school bus and downloaded data from the black box, acquired GPS data of the school bus, and its route for the past several days, and taken witness statements.
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