A school bus belonging to the Carvajal Early Childhood Education Center ran over an unidentified man and killed him, according to a Fox San Antonio report. Investigators are trying to recreate the scene to understand what exactly caused the accident.

Reportedly, the female bus driver who was operating the vehicle saw a man described to be in his sixties crossing the street, based on the amount of time that had elapsed since she first saw him. She was under the impression that the man had passed the school bus and started to move, however, for some reason he was still in the path of the bus and was clipped by it. He fell down and was run over by the bus around 2:30 pm in the afternoon. The man passed away on the scene.
Accident report
Reportedly, there were three school children on board the bus, fortunately, they did not see the death and are unaware of what is going on. None of the children sustained any injuries. The bus driver is clearly in a state of shock but is cooperating with authorities to the best of her abilities.
San Antonio mayor involved in car accident
Ivy Taylor, the current mayor of San Antonio, and the first African-American to hold the position was involved in a two car crash that is currently under investigation. Her SUV collided with a Chrysler convertible in eastside, as reported in MySanAntonio.com.
The Police Chief of San Antonio has said that he has received contradictory witness statements and is not yet sure what exactly transpired at the crash site. Supposedly, a few witnesses said they saw Mayor Taylor’s Black Lincoln SUV moving in a northerly direction and that the Chrysler was eastbound. However, some others say that the SUV was eastbound and the Chrysler was northbound.
According to San Antonio accident attorneys, it is crucial to establish this information for the authorities as it will tell them which car had right of way. The convertible was supposedly occupied by a male driver and two females. One of the women was rushed to a hospital in a critical condition while the other occupants were in stable condition after being treated at a hospital. Nobody in the mayor’s car sustained any major injuries. Investigators continue to determine the 2-car crash.
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Officer accused of excessive force and police brutality three times in 15 months
A female San Antonio Police Department officer, Misty Floyd, seems to have anger management issues. She had twice been under internal investigation for using excessive force while on police duty before a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against her and two other SAPD officers, according to a Ken5 report.
It has been alleged that Floyd’s personal life and marriage issues have started to take a toll on her professional work. Apparently she and her husband have had their own bouts of domestic violence and are currently going through a divorce.
In the first case, Floyd was accused by a woman, Patience Alvarado, who alleged that Floyd had yanked her arms and injured her left shoulder while Alvarado was inside a SAPD car. Alvarado was only a witness of a car accident and was being detained for her account of the incident.
Misty Floyd is making life more difficult for herself
The second accusation came from Beatriz Reyez who claimed that Floyd had thrown her on a bed and repeatedly punched her in the face while responding to a call about an unruly tenant. Both accusations were swept under the rug by the SAPD and Floyd was cleared. However, for Floyd, third-time not so lucky, she now faces a federal lawsuit for having punched David Ricks in the face after Ricks had called them about his daughter being missing.

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