Some of the most common accidents are related to workers being hurt while on the job. Fortunately, there are legal remedies available, including persona injury lawsuits and workers compensation claims, when someone becomes the victim of a work accident.

A worker at a construction site in Seattle fell into a hole while on the job and he had to be extracted by the local fire department.
Construction worker falls into a job site hole and needs to be extracted
Emergency crews responded to the 2300 block of 7th Ave near the Denny Triangle in Seattle after receiving a 911 call around noon on the day of the incident. They believe the worker fell and went head first into a hole on the job site. The rescue crew apparently had to use a rope and a ladder to try to free the man. He was wedged between a drilling device and one of the sides of the hole, and needed to be forcefully pulled out.
He sustained injuries and needed to be transported to a local hospital for treatment. The victim was in stable condition at the time the fire department released a statement related to the situation.
All traffic lanes on 7th Ave between Denny Way and Bell Street were closed while the victim was rescued.
Investigations after a work accident
An investigation into the cause of the accident will be helpful for potential remedies such as a personal injury lawsuit or workers compensation claims. The company managing the job site may have been negligent for not covering the hole, having an obstacle in a high traffic area, or not following various safety regulations related to construction work.
Depending on the results of the investigation, there may be a conclusion as to the direct cause of the accident. During any legal action, the plaintiff’s attorney will also need to use evidence and testimony to make a compelling argument for holding a business or certain individuals responsible. Lawyers who deal with accident and injury cases know how to advocate to make sure the victim receives the most compensation allowed by law.
The value of lawsuits, workers compensation, and other claims
Damages in these kinds of accidents are related to the actual harms that the victim suffered. Because the worker required hospitalization and medical treatment, he will likely be able to make his employer or the company at fault pay for these costs. It is also possible that multiple parties were negligent and contributed to the accident. They can all be attached in a civil lawsuit and share some of the financial responsibility.
Workers compensation claims follow a different process and they are only meant to recover the wages related to the time the victim missed from work. Many personal injury attorneys can also help with the correct procedure for filing a workers compensation claim, but the total value of a personal injury lawsuit will generally be much larger than the compensation claim limited to lost wages during the injury and recovery period.
Contact an accident lawyer in the Seattle area
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