Most people practice safe driving because no one wants to be involved in a car accident. They’re dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming.
But what happens when a vehicle accident involves a semi-truck. If this is the case, then you need to know how semi-accidents are different.
Keep reading to learn more.

1. Higher Property Damages

Auto accidents can cause a lot of property damages, but think of how much more damage an 80,000-pound semi can cause.
The weight of the truck combined with the speed of the collision can cause the destruction of everything that gets in its path.
On average, a semi accident can cost up to $59,150. Compare that to $3,231, which is the average amount for an auto property damage claim.
The damages caused by a semi accident affect all of the parties involved.

2. Types of Injuries

Imagine what happens when an 80,000-pound semi crashes into a 3,000-pound car — a collision of that sort can cause fatal injuries.
When there’s a car on car collision, the passengers can come out unharmed. But when a semi crashes into a car, the risk of injury is much greater.
Passengers can suffer from broken bones, severe whiplash, back injuries, brain injuries, and possible death.
With all these risks, truck companies need to have larger and more comprehensive insurance policies to cover them in case of accidents.

3. Medical Bills

With a higher risk for traumatic injuries, semi accidents equal more expensive medical bills.
We already touched on the types of traumatic injuries caused by semi accidents. They require diagnoses and treatment such as MRI, cat scan, and even surgery.
Not to mention the injuries sustained in an accident could leave the person disabled.

4. Higher Risk of Death

It’s an unfortunate fact but, semi accidents cause 3,000 to 5,000 deaths a year on average. These accidents can change a person’s life and their family forever.
The force of the collision causes injuries that are so extensive, there’s nothing medical professionals can do.
If a family member dies in a semi accident, the family is entitled to compensation.
People can speak to a lawyer to help them file a claim and get them through the difficult times.

5. Different Regulations

To operate a vehicle, drivers need their driver’s license and insurance. However, the regulations for semi drivers have more regulations.
They’re on the road for hours at a time which means they need a special driver’s license. Other regulations also need to be put in place to prevent accidents whenever possible.
Those regulations include regular maintenance, keeping logbooks, annual inspections, and weigh-in stations.
Due to all of the regulations put in place, it’s often why it takes longer to determine what when wrong after an accident.

Semi Accidents: The Bottom Line

Semi accidents are different than car accidents. When someone is in an accident that involves a semi, there’s a higher risk of traumatic injury, expensive medical bills, and even death.
That’s one of the reasons semi accidents are handled a little different.
Do you think you have a case and need a lawyer? Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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