The deceased Sergeant in the case has been identified as 47 year old Alfonso Lopez. As reported by, Lopez was a well-known, veteran police officer with the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department. Tragically, Lopez lost his life while responding to an emergency pursuit in Compton. The car accident occurred earlier last week and investigators believe that he might have suffered a medical emergency just moments before the crash.

Lopez was one of the first responders to a stolen vehicle emergency call and got into the pursuit. The incident started at around five in the morning and the pursuit only lasted a mere two minutes before officers decided to call it off as it was too dangerous.
However, it was too late for Lopez who had crashed his car in the intersection between Myrrh Street and Willowbrook Aveneue. The police report can play a vital role in establishing liability, if any, say car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, CA.
Hopefully these car thief degenerates are caught – they cost a police officer’s life no matter how you look at it. But when you have a jacked up economy, this is what people resort too unfortunately. Not everyone, not most people, but some people. American economic growth is being stifled because of regulations and high taxes.
Lopez was transported to hospital in critical condition and later died
A good Samaritan who witnessed the car accident actually reached out to officers and authorities and told them about the accident and the officer who was driving the car was not responsive.

Upon receiving the distressing news, officers ran to the auto accident site which was only around a hundred yards from the police station itself. Emergency medical technicians attempted to resuscitate Lopez before he was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, he succumbed to injuries while in the hospital.
According to investigators, there is reason to believe that Lopez suffered some kind of medical emergency which resulted in his death. They do not think the injuries from the car accident itself were the sole reason for his death. In fact, investigators say the medical emergency may have been what initially incapacitated Lopez who then crashed his patrol vehicle.
The car accident is still under investigation. The person who was being pursued remains at large and authorities do not even have a description of the suspect. California accident attorneys point out that the person who was being pursued can play a vital role in insurance claims and any wrongful death lawsuit, if the suspect is proven guilty.

Night out ends in a car accident – 4 dead, 4 hurt
According to a NBC report, a night out ended tragically after an SUV veered off the road and crashed on the 60 Freeway near Reservoir Street in Pomona and then toppled down an embankment. The car accident resulted in the death of four people and left four others injured.
The members in the SUV were family and friends who were making their way back after leaving Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights. Not all the occupants were wearing seat belts as six of them were ejected from the SUV.
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