Several accidents in Port Allen area cause traffic delays

Accident on I-10 in Jacksonville Leads to Traffic Delays

Port Allen, LA – On certain days, there are multiple accidents within a short period of time in the same area. This can cause a number of problems, especially as police and fire department crews attempt to reach the scene to clear the area and attend to injured people. If they need to block traffic lanes, this can also cause more delays for drivers in the area.

WBRZ reported on multiple motor vehicle accidents that had slowed up the Wednesday afternoon commute in the Baton Rouge area [1].

Several motor vehicle incidents caused significant traffic delays

The report stated that traffic was barely moving after accidents on both Interstate Highway 10 and I-12. The first happened on Interstate 12 Eastbound at the O’Neal Lane intersection. Delays were reported for several miles after this incident. Interstate 10 in Port Allen was backed up as well, all the way to the Mississippi River bridge. The report stated that multiple lanes were blocked up until 4:30 pm that night.

An additional collision was reported at Interstate 10 westbound at College Drive. This caused delays for drivers going into Baton Rouge. Pictures of Interstate 10 showed multiple emergency vehicles parked on the shoulder in the area of the accident. 

The consequences of an accident

After a crash happens, the drivers should report the incident to their insurance company and notify the police if anyone seems to be hurt. This is required by law. Based on what caused the accident and other factors, it is possible that there can be lawsuits to pay for any injuries, as well as criminal charges filed. For these reasons, it is a good idea for anyone who has been involved in a crash to contact an accident lawyer for help. 

Why legal advice is important

Accident attorneys can provide a number of services. If insurance companies are involved, the lawyer can attempt to negotiate a settlement on the client’s behalf. This is a crucial step because insurance companies often attempt to offer low amounts to save money. In some cases, a lawyer may also need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault or their insurance provider. This may be the only way to help pay for costs associated with medical treatment and lost income.

Accident lawyers in Port Allen

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a law firm that handles accident cases for people who have been injured in Port Allen, Louisiana. They can provide additional advice during a meeting with their attorneys.

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