Several people hurt in multiple-vehicle crash in Daytona Beach

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Daytona Beach, FL – Multiple people were taken to the hospital after a crash Tuesday night in Daytona Beach. According to Volusia County EMS, several vehicles were involved in the crash that occurred in the Strickland Range Road and North Williamson Boulevard area. There is no information available on the identity of the victims or their condition. One thing is for sure. When they get out of the hospital, those people will need to figure out how to get damages. If you thought a regular car collision was complicated, just imagine how hard it can be to determine who is liable for damages in a multiple-vehicle crash. 

If you or a loved one are ever involved in a multiple-vehicle crash, don’t hesitate to contact seasoned Daytona Beach accident lawyers right away. You’ll certainly need one.

Why do you need a lawyer for a multiple-vehicle accident claim?

Reason number one – all the other drivers involved will get a lawyer. You don’t want to be the only guy without legal representation as they’ll try to pin the blame on you.

Under Florida laws, when you are injured in an accident you can recover part of your damages under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy. If you sustained severe injuries, that money won’t be enough so you’ll have to file a claim against one or several of the other drivers involved.

Such a claim is filed under Florida’s comparative negligence rules. Keep in mind that your damages will be reduced if you are found partially to blame for the crash. Your accident lawyers will make sure the others don’t gang up on you and your rights are protected.

How is liability determined in a multiple-vehicle crash?

To understand how liability is determined in a multiple-vehicle accident, you must first figure out the dynamics of such a crash. In a two-car collision, they hit each other at the same time. When three or more vehicles are involved it doesn’t happen like that. In most cases, it all starts with a two-vehicle crash, and then other road users get involved. 

The insurance adjuster will examine the police report to try to understand what happened. For instance, if driver A was speeding and slammed into driver B, it’s obviously the first guy’s fault. However, next comes driver C who is texting and doesn’t notice the stopped vehicles on time. Driver C also hits driver B’s car, causing the poor man additional injuries. 

It may sound like a nightmare scenario, but these are the types of cases experienced Florida accident lawyers have to deal with.

No matter if you’re driver A, B, or C, you’ll need a good lawyer. An investigation in such a case usually involves technical inspections of all vehicles involved and accident reconstruction experts. 

Your lawyers may also need to examine footage retrieved from surveillance cameras in the area and talk to all the witnesses to determine the chain of events. The insurance adjuster will assign each driver their share of the blame. In Florida, you can recover damages as long as you’re less than 50% to blame for the crash.

If you were recently injured in an accident in the Daytona Beach area, schedule a free consultation with a trustworthy lawyer at the Pappas & Russell law firm to see how you can recover damages.

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