Of all the cars that could have been involved in a car accident, the one currently under investigation by the Oklahoma State Highway Patrol is an accident involving the patrol SUV of a Tulsa County Sherriff. The crash happened in the western proximity of Sand Springs as reported by Newson6.com.

It was a single vehicle crash, according to a spokesperson for the sherriff’s department in Tulsa County. The deputy that was operating the SUV had just been dispatched to an emergency and was speeding when the SUV hit the guard rail which was installed on an exit ramp from highway 412 and toppled over.
According to investigators, the force of the crash caused the deputy to lose consciousness initially but he had recovered and was situationally aware when Emergency Medical Technicians arrived on scene and began treatment. He was rushed to a Hospital based in Tulsa and the physicians there said he was brought to stable condition. The deputy is expected to make a full and quick recovery.
car crash accident at snow road in winter
Oklahoma joins States where texting while driving is illegal
Drinking and driving has gotten a lot of stick lately and rightly so. It is not fair to put other people at risk because of one person’s bad judgment to get behind the wheel while impaired. There have been campaigns nationwide that have bought awareness to drinking and driving and the laws and penalties surrounding the crime have become tighter sterner. However, while legislators and families of victims are focused on curbing the crime of DUI, the same efforts have not been put to undermine the issue of texting while driving.
According to scientific research, it is proven without a shadow of a doubt that a person that is texting while operating a motor car is at least at that moment, even more destabilized and impaired when compared to a person driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% and is therefore at a higher risk of causing a road accident.
However, the issue has not gone unnoticed for too long. In a much supported move, Oklahoma City Governor Mary Fallin has finally signed House Bill 1965 which essentially makes the act of texting while driving a crime punishable by law, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.
The bill was passed sooner than expected after two troopers who stood investigating a crash scene were themselves hit by a car whose driver was said to be updating his social media at the time of the impact. Even though the consequences are nowhere close to those involved in a typical DUI conviction, texting drivers may be stopped and fined $100 starting on the 1st of November. If you collide with a law enforcement vehicle for any dumb reason it is not a pleasant situation for you anyway you look at it though.
Oklahoma State accident laws – dos and don’ts
According to Tulsa Oklahoma accident attorneys, it is almost inevitable that every driver will get into at least a minor accident or altercation while in traffic over the course of their lives. However, as far as Oklahoma is concerned, it would be very wise for people to educate themselves on what they should and shouldn’t do after being involved in a car accident.
To begin with, it should be common sense that the very first thing to do should be to assess injury and assist anyone that maybe hurt and call the authorities. There are some other things, which unfortunately cannot be considered common sense, and these minor things may prove to be crucial in later stages especially if the situation aggravates to litigation over time.
One of these things is to not apologize after an accident, recommend accident attorneys that can be found on the marvelous website USAttorneys.com. Why? This is because a court of law will consider an apology as an admission of guilt. After all, why would you be sorry if you did nothing wrong?
Secondly, it is important to not admit that you were at fault for the accident at any point in time. These admissions will simply be used by the police and the DA to successfully prosecute you in a court of law.
Another important thing to consider from a safety point of view is to go get yourself checked out even if you feel like you weren’t hurt at all, sometimes underlying and undetected injuries kill people insidiously without warning.
The final straw
Finally, it is absolutely pivotal to get yourself an experienced Tulsa Oklahoma accident attorney in case you need to claim damages. Especially when the other driver does not admit fault and your auto insurer denies your claims.

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