Should a car accident victim take the first settlement offer they receive from the insurer?

Should a car accident victim take the first settlement offer they receive from the insurer?

West Virginia—It isn’t exactly a wise decision for a car accident victim to accept the first settlement offer they receive from the insurer and here are a few reasons why:


  1. The first offer is usually lower than what the victim is entitled to.

Insurance companies know that car crash victims are often in need of quick cash. Many will try and offer an individual a lump sum of money, usually less than what their claim is worth, in order for it to close. Because many are in need of money after a collision and often don’t have any other sources to turn to for financial help, they will accept what the insurer offers so that can get their funds quickly.

Unfortunately, once an individual accepts a settlement from the insurance company, they aren’t able to come back and ask for more if they find out they were entitled to it. They can, however, report the insurer to theWest Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner if they think the carrier engaged in deceptive practices.


  1. The offer may have been given too early before an individual has had ample time to assess their injuries.

If the first offer was provided early on in the claims process, it may be because the carrier knows the claim could be worth much more if they allow the victim time to assess their injuries and losses. Adjusters will sometimes offer a settlement early on before a victim has had the opportunity to sit down with a West Virginia accident lawyer to obtain a realistic value for their case.


Received an offer from the insurance company and not sure if it should be accepted?


If a car crash victim was offered a settlement from the insurance company and they aren’t sure if they should accept, they can contact Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC to schedule a time to speak with a West Virginia accident lawyer. An accident attorney can review the offer to determine what a victim is receiving compensation for and if the amount is fair.


What if a lawyer believes a victim is entitled to more than what the insurer is offering?


When a situation like this arises, and it does happen often, an accident lawyer will negotiate with the adjuster to try and get the settlement offer raised. While this can take time and delay a victim from obtaining the money they need, allowing a negotiation to occur could result in a victim walking away with the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to.

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