Should a driver in Shenandoah file an auto insurance claim after an accident?

Shenandoah, LA – Car insurance policies are an important way for people involved in accidents to get financial assistance. In almost all cases, it is advisable for the policyholder to report a collision shortly after the accident. This can start the claim process where the individual may receive a claim check or insurance settlement. If the collision is not reported, this may cause issues at a later time. Anyone who has issues after a car accident can speak with a lawyer to learn more about the possibility of lawsuits and settlements to receive compensation. 

What motor vehicle accidents need to be reported to insurance companies in Louisiana

State law in Louisiana says that the local police need to be notified of any accident that causes at least $500 worth of property damage, any injuries to people, or fatalities. If the car accident is reported to the police, it should always be reported to the insurance company as well, as soon as it is safe to do so. Drivers who do not report an accident may violate the terms of their policy and face consequences such as dropped coverage. As a general rule, only extremely minor accidents that do not require police notification should remain unreported. In these situations, drivers may feel that it is not worth going through the process to file a claim and risk rate increases over little to no damage. 

What will the insurance claim cover?

The amount or specific types of losses that may be covered by the driver’s policy can vary greatly. All drivers are required to have basic liability insurance, which means that several thousand dollars worth of property damage or injuries that they cause to others will be covered by their policy in case of a lawsuit. Collision damage to the driver’s own vehicle is usually covered as well, as this type of insurance is necessary if the car is financed or has a lien.   

Things like damage from theft and vandalism require coverage from a comprehensive policy. This is optional and some drivers may choose to accept the risk rather than pay for coverage up front that they may not use. If there is insufficient coverage to pay for all of the damage caused during the crash, or the accident involved an uninsured driver, it is possible for drivers to pay for insurance that covers these situations as well. 

Advice from an injury lawyer in Louisiana

Accident attorneys are available in Shenandoah to discuss whether a lawsuit is necessary. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a trusted resource for anyone who needs to know more about car accidents and personal injury law.

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