Should a driver in Sumter County with auto insurance file a lawsuit after an accident?

Sumter County, SC – All drivers are required to carry some kind of basic liability coverage to operate their vehicles legally. This type of coverage will cover damage caused by the driver to others such as property damage and bodily injuries. There are also additional types of coverage that can cover other losses if the driver chooses to purchase them. However, when someone is injured, they may need to file a lawsuit due to the fact that all of their losses may not be covered by insurance or for other reasons. 

Insurance claims

Drivers should always report an accident to their auto insurance provider. This is true regardless of the severity of the accident, and it is required by the terms of car insurance policies. In some cases, whatever claim money is paid out may be sufficient to cover all damages related to the crash, and there would not be a need for lawsuits or additional compensation. 

Losses related to a car accident

The need to file a lawsuit is related to the types of losses that are associated with most moderate and severe car crashes. The driver may not be able to work temporarily or for a long period of time. If this is true, they will need to be paid for lost income and career losses. Medical bills are also very expensive if someone needs to be hospitalized for treatment and go through recovery stages with medical professionals. Lawsuits also allow the victim to receive non-economic damages for their physical and emotional pain caused during the course of the crash and afterward. If these costs are very large, insurance will rarely be sufficient to pay for them all. 

Deciding with a lawyer’s help

There are a number of factors that are specific to each accident that should be decided with the help of a lawyer. Sometimes insurance is insufficient or the company refuses to pay out. Other times, there may be a settlement offer, but the car accident damage is severe enough that the offer is too low and the victim needs to ask for much more money. As a general rule, more severe accidents will require more serious actions and lawsuits, while minor crashes that result in only a few hundred or thousand dollars worth of damage may be able to be resolved through the insurance process. 

Accident lawyers are available in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm handles all kinds of accident and injury cases for clients in the Sumter County area and other parts of South Carolina. Their attorneys can meet with anyone who wants to schedule a consultation to discuss a lawsuit.  

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