Car accident lawyers often do not recommend that a victim of a crash provide a recorded statement to the insurance company for a number of different reasons. The main reason, however, is because insurance companies often use statements against victims, giving them a reason to deny or minimize the value of their claim. And the last thing any car crash victim needs or deserves is to receive less than what they should to cover their medical expenses and other accident-related costs they may have incurred.


Ways a Recorded Statement Can Reduce the Value of a Car Crash Claim


When a victim is speaking with the insurance company adjuster, they assume they are discussing their incident with someone they can trust. They may see no harm in telling the adjuster what they were doing just before the accident (e.g. changing the radio) or if they suffered from any medical conditions (e.g. a herniated disc) prior to the collision. As harmless as it might seem to disclose this information, the truth is, it can actually have a dramatic effect on how the claim is valued or if it is paid.

If an insurance carrier finds out that an accident victim had a pre-existing condition, the adjuster could very well say the injuries they sustained already existed and weren’t caused by the collision. The adjuster could also say the driver was distracted because he/she was changing the radio and use this as a reason to throw some of the blame on them.

Essentially, what this means is that providing a recorded statement can sometimes cause more harm than good.


So, what should a car accident victim do after an accident?


Before an individual speaks with the insurance company and provides a statement, they are encouraged to contact a Wyoming car accident lawyer. While at some point they may need to contact their insurer as most require that accidents be reported, if they call after they have consulted an attorney, they then have a better idea of what should and shouldn’t be said. And in some cases, a car accident attorney may actually contact the insurance carrier on behalf of the car crash victim.

When an individual decides to retain a lawyer and have them handle the insurance claims process for them, the adjuster or anyone else assigned to the claim won’t be able to obtain a statement that could later be used against the victim.


Connect with a Wyoming Car Accident Attorney After a Collision


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