Should an accident victim in Westminster accept an injury settlement?

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Westminster, LA Accidents often cause serious financial losses. If the person cannot work or function as normal for an extended period of time, and they have healthcare costs that accumulate, they will need some kind of monetary help. Settlements have become the most efficient way to end lawsuits tied to accidents in Louisiana and other states. It is likely that the victim’s lawyer has already negotiated several settlements for clients in comparable situations. 

Why are settlements important?

While many accident victims may think that they will end up in court and have a trial to determine if they will receive compensation and the amount they will get, this has become quite rare. Trials have the risk of total loss, the legal fees tend to increase greatly, and preparation takes a long time. By the time both sides agree that they are ready and prepared with all evidence available, it can be months or years. 

Settlement negotiations bypass much of this process, while still allowing the victim to receive an adequate amount of compensation for their injuries. Using the available evidence should give the attorneys for both the plaintiff and defense an idea regarding the total cost of the injuries, if the defendant was mostly or totally at fault, and other factors that will affect the outcome and the amount. 

When should the agreement be accepted?

The plaintiff’s injury attorney should have a general idea of the range of compensation that the victim will need. This should cover medical expenses, lost income and wages, pain and suffering, and other forms of damages. If the victim is satisfied with the amount and the attorney advises that a settlement offer is acceptable, it may be a good idea to take the money and close out the case. 

The procedures to get paid

If an agreement has been accepted and the victim is ready to be paid, there are important pieces of information that the plaintiff needs to know. In most cases, the settlement is the final step of the case. This means that they cannot ask for more money at a later time, appeal any issues, or change their mind. The attorney will also need to be paid out of the settlement money if they accepted the case on a contingent fee basis, which is very common to avoid having to pay legal fees up front. 

Assistance after an accident

There are accident attorneys in Westminster who help clients in Louisiana with the process to receive compensation. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a trusted law firm with a proven record of success in all matters related to personal injury cases.  

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