Should an accident victim in Williamsburg County accept a settlement from their insurance company?

Williamsburg County, SC – After a motor vehicle accident, the driver should always report the incident to their insurance company and go through the claim process. There may be times when the insurance process will not cover some or all losses, and an injury lawyer is needed. If the victim is given the option of accepting a settlement from the insurance provider at any point in this process, it should be reviewed with an attorney for a number of different reasons.

What does the settlement accomplish?

A settlement will offer an amount of compensation that should be sufficient to cover the victim’s costs for medical treatment and other losses. However, settlement offers happen as a part of negotiations, and they do not necessarily need to be accepted. It is common for insurance companies to make low offers to try to end the claim or case without investing much time or money. Once the offer is accepted, there is almost always language in the final agreement that says no further claims or compensation can be issued related to the same incident. In other words, the settlement is the final chance for the victim to recover any and all losses. This is true even if additional injuries or health problems become apparent months or years later. 

Reasons to reject a settlement 

Victims should review all of their financial needs with their injury lawyer. Things like future lost income and wages, along with potential future medical costs should not be ignored. If the settlement simply does not pay enough that the victim is comfortable with covering these kinds of losses based on the settlement amount, then they may not want to accept the offer. It is possible that the insurance company will offer more at a later time if the victim continues to pursue the claim and negotiate. 

Evaluating medical treatment options

Before committing to any settlement, the victim needs to meet with a doctor and get a complete summary of their injuries and any additional costs that may emerge at a later time. The doctor should have either told the victim that their treatment is complete, or given a specific timeline for recovery and services that may be required during this period. The victim’s lawyer may also want to argue for additional non-economic damages for pain and suffering if there will be discomfort and other problems during the person’s treatment and recovery.  

Speaking with a local attorney

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