Should an individual call a lawyer after a construction accident in Live Oak, FL?

Accidents are extremely common in the construction industry and account for a large number of injuries and deaths. In fact, one in five worker deaths that were recorded in 2019 were in construction.1 If an individual was involved in a construction accident in Live Oak and injuries were suffered, they may benefit from contacting a lawyer if they are seeking workers’ comp benefits or damages from a negligent party.


Injured Constructions Workers Have Rights, But Not All Know What They Are


When an individual engages in a work accident in Florida, they are generally entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim and obtain medical and wage replacement benefits if their injuries prevent them from working. They might also have the right to sue a negligent party such as a property owner who failed to inform workers or their employer of hazardous conditions.

While workers’ comp benefits should be provided to most workers, there are times when an individual’s employer may deny them coverage or claim they are not entitled to them. Thankfully, there are construction accident attorneys in Live Oak, FL who can determine if a worker is or is not entitled to receive workers’ comp benefits.


What are some other things construction accident lawyers can help an injured worker do?


In addition to determining if an injured party qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits, an attorney can also:


  • Help an injured worker get their claim filed as well as gather and submit supporting documentation to go along with it.


  • Explain what benefits an injured worker is entitled to receive. If a construction worker suffered injuries that required or requires them to seek medical attention, the care they have rendered should be paid for by their employer’s insurer. In addition, if their physician has determined they cannot work for more than seven days, they should also be provided with wage replacement benefits.


  • Help an injured worker appeal a workers’ compensation decision, if necessary. If a worker is denied benefits or not provided with all the benefits they are due, a Live Oak, FL construction accident attorney can help them file an appeal. For instance, if a worker was denied one or more benefits and an appeal is filed, a workers’ compensation judge will decide if benefits should be issued or if the worker is, in fact, not entitled to receive them.


If a construction worker was injured in a work accident in Florida and they’d like the opportunity to discuss their rights with an experienced Live Oak, FL construction accident lawyer, they are encouraged to contact Koberlein Law Offices.

The accident attorneys at Koberlein Law Offices help injured workers exercise their right to obtain medical and wage replacement benefits and won’t hesitate to take legal action if an employer or insurer is refusing to provide them.


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