Should employers in Florida provide construction workers with safety training before they begin working?

Kendall, FL—According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers in the construction industry should be providing their workers with the appropriate level of safety training.1 Not only is training intended to inform construction workers of the risks associated with working in the industry, but it is also used to help them avoid work-related accidents and injuries.

For instance, if an individual was assigned a task that required them to work around hazardous chemicals, their employer would be expected to provide them with information and training prior to starting their first task. The same would apply if an employer intended on having an employee work around a new chemical hazard.


What if a construction worker suffered a work-related injury and wasn’t provided with the proper training?


If an employer failed to provide an employee with the proper safety training prior to starting a task, the employee can file a complaint with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).2 Employers who neglect to follow OSHA standards can be cited and fined for their lack of compliance.

Regardless of whether an employee decides to file a complaint with OSHA, they should report their work injury to their employer within 30 days of their accident in order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.


Here are the benefits workers’ compensation insurance offers to injured construction workers


Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide injured workers with medical and wage replacement benefits after a work accident. This type of insurance alleviates the need to file suit against an employer but doesn’t necessarily bar a victim from taking legal action.

An injured party should consult with an experienced Kendall, FL work injury lawyer if they are considering suing their employer over a work accident.


What types of medical care will an injured worker gain access to?


Workers’ compensation insurance will generally cover any type of care an injured worker needs so as long as it is rendered by an approved physician. This means if an employee needed to visit with their doctor every week or seek treatment from a chiropractor, their care should be covered so as long as it is connected to their work injury.


Who is entitled to wage replacement benefits?


If an injured worker misses more than seven days of work and their treating physician can show their condition prevents them from working or limits their ability to work, they may be entitled to collect wage loss benefits. Eligible employees will receive a check weekly or bi-weekly for a portion of the wages they were earning prior to their work accident.


Need help getting a workers’ comp claim filed?


If an individual works in Kendall, FL and needs help getting their claim filed, the work injury lawyers at Mario Trespalacios P.A. would be happy to help. A Kendall, FL work accident attorney can also address any questions or concerns an injured worker might have regarding the workers’ comp benefits they should be provided with.

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