When it comes to dealing with small accidents, it’s easier for everyone to simply pay the damages out of their own pockets, shake hands with the other driver and go on their way again. However, failing to report the accident to one’s insurance company, no matter how small the accident was, may cost a person quite a bit later.

The main reason why drivers tend not to contact the authorities after a minor accident is to prevent their insurance rates from going up, to prevent their driving record from being tainted, and also to simply avoid the hassle and the excess consumption of their time. The reality is that if a person’s vehicle was hit enough for them to feel the impact or enough for there to be physical damage done to their vehicle, they should call their insurance company, however, only after consulting with a legal representative.

When a person’s vehicle is hit by another, they have no way of knowing what the actual damage is unless they go and get their car checked by a mechanic. After any sort of impact, a person should always go and have their car checked by a professional because the impact could have caused serious internal damage, which could be very expensive to fix. This is especially true if a person collided with a larger vehicle, like a truck. If a person reports the accident right away, then it will be easier for them to claim for this internal damage later.

Not only can damage to one’s vehicle show up later, but injuries can become apparent later as well. It is not uncommon for individuals involved in a collision to suffer serious back pain or neck pain days after the collision took place. The medical bills that a person will accumulate trying to recover from the injuries can be just as expensive as the damage to one’s vehicle and a person would be able to benefit financially by making an insurance claim.

If a person gets into a small accident, they also need to look at what their insurance policy says in terms of a time limit for reporting the accident. If the insurance company only has a small time frame in which a person is allowed to make a valid claim after the collision (which is usually the case) then a person should not waste time, and should report the collision as soon as they possibly can.

Should I call my insurance company right after the accident?

The best route to take after getting into a car accident is to first call an accident attorney and brief them on a person’s current situation. After speaking with the attorney, a person should go ahead and contact their insurance company based on the advice they received, or they should have their attorney communicate with the insurer on their behalf to ascertain a fair settlement amount is offered and signed for.

By calling an attorney first, a person can avoid making serious mistakes that could negatively affect the total statement amount they are entitled to receive.