There is no doubt that slick roadways increase the risk associated with driving but last week, the conditions on certain roadways in central Indiana were so severe, that nearly 50 accidents were caused because of it. The Indy Channel highlighted the details of many of these accidents that occurred, luckily, none resulted in any serious injuries.
According to the source, snow had fallen in many areas of central Indiana around 12:30 a.m. leaving the roads slick and slippery. They were left untreated which resulted in the moisture freezing and creating black ice. Now, if you aren’t familiar with what black ice is, then let us inform you. Black ice, although it is not actually black in color, is when ice forms on the roadway and blends in. Because it is difficult for drivers to see on black roadways, the name “black ice” was adopted to describe this particular condition.
Just a little after the snow had fallen and the ice had formed, “almost every car on the road had its hazard lights flashing and traffic was crawling.” And because INDOT officials didn’t activate their salt trucks as quickly as the slick conditions had developed seeing that there wasn’t much moisture on the roads to begin with, the accidents began to occur one after the other. Around 2:00 a.m., a pickup truck lost control and crashed into the barrier fence on WB I-74 near the Ronald Reagan exit. And just before that, a semi slid off the road in that same area. Below we list a few of the other unfortunate accidents that transpired because of the slippery roadway conditions:

  • A pedestrian was struck after they had gotten out of their vehicle after having been involved in a collision on WB 1-70 near Holt Road.
  • Another driver slid off an embankment off of I-465 and I-74 near Shadeland Avenue. A dozen firefighters had to extricate the driver from their vehicle.
  • One of the worst collisions reported involved 14 vehicles. The collision occurred on westbound I-70 just before Holt Road. Multiple lanes were shut down because of it.


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The source stated that at one point during all of this chaos, “five major interstates were shut down or significantly hampered as a result of slide-offs, semi crashes, and otherwise difficult driving conditions.” Although it is encouraged for drivers to stay off the roadways during times when black ice is more likely to form, some are headed to work while others are on their way home. So, if you live in Merrillville, IN or any other city that experiences these harsh weather conditions, be sure to drive as carefully as possible and keep a watchful eye out for any areas on the road that could potentially be covered with black ice.
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