A school bus filled with soccer students narrowly escaped becoming seriously injured after the bus they were travelling in crashed into a pickup truck on Highway 20, according to registerguard.com. Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup was not so lucky and succumbed to his injuries. The accident occurred on Thursday afternoon last week in the proximity of Highway 20 near Hoodoo Lodge.
The decedent in the crash has been identified as 32 year old Camille Nelson from Wilsonville who was pronounced dead on scene by responding medical emergency technicians. Nelson’s family has probably already began the Bend, Oregon accident lawyer hunt.

The players were on the way to a game when the crash occurred and were accompanied by their coach, their assistant coach and the bus driver.
Game was canceled
The game had to be called off due to the accident. A sister’s school district bus was dispatched to the scene of the accident to transport the boys to sister’s middle school where they were met by counselors. The principal of Sheldon School spoke to parents and other worried Samaritans and comforted them by assuring them nobody on the school bus had sustained any serious injuries and that medical professionals were on scene to assist the boys and that everybody was in a stable condition.
The pickup truck bounced off the bus and went in to a ditch on the western side of the highway. Local highway patrol authorities from Bend, Oregon had to shut down lanes travelling both sides on the highway for several hours pending investigation and debris removal. If you have been in an Oregon accident situation in Bend or anywhere else in the state there is a site that is beckoning you. It is called USAttorneys.com and there are prestigious and standout accident attorneys on this site ready to hear about your case. The first consultation is probably free – make the call!
Two vehicle auto – accident injuries three persons
Emergency responders were dispatched immediately to an accident site in Bend, Oregon where a two car crash had occurred on US Highway 97. Three persons involved in the accident sustained serious injuries and were all rushed to Bend hospital. This is where Bend, Oregon accident attorneys could also meet them to discuss their case which is just in the beginning stages obviously.
As reported by oregonlive.com, the two vehicles involved have been described by investigators as a Ford Explorer and a Dodge Pickup truck. The Explorer was driven by 19 year old Richard Ros. For some reason he lost control of the vehicle and was unable to stop it from crossing the center line of the highway and struck the Dodge pickup truck head on.

The driver of the Dodge pickup truck has been identified as 60 year old Terry Neil. Neil was taken to the hospital by a road ambulance while Rose and a passenger of the explorer were in worse condition and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Investigators are not sure if drugs or alcohol was involved.
Accident laws in Oregon
According to Oregon accident lawyers, Oregon is a comparative fault state when it comes to matters of auto accidents. The comparative fault law basically holds all parties found negligent in causing an accident financially liable, and their liability is direct proportional to the extent of their negligence. Understandably, to determine this negligence is not a cake walk.
Anyone involved in such litigation will require a well versed Oregon accident lawyer to navigate them through the legal procedure to make sure they receive fair compensation for any damages.

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