It was sometime between February 13th and February 19th when 74-year-old Cynthia Brunner fell in her home in Wake County, NC and was left to die [Source: News Observer]. Her son, Eric Paul Brunner, was assigned as her caretaker and while he was present in the home when the accident occurred, he did nothing to help her. Nearly 24 hours had passed when Brunner finally reported his mother’s death to deputies who then obtained search warrants to find out what went on in the home located at 6801 Marksman Way in Cary.
Apparently, officials had a reason to believe something wasn’t right which led to Brunner being arrested by Wake County sheriff deputies and accused of murder and elder abuse. After some questioning, Brunner admitted that he knew his mother likely would die from the fall and wanted it to happen. If you’re wondering why a son would allow his mother to die right before his eyes and not do anything to help save her, well, according to a warrant, “money was a motive.” An investigator said he “believes she has as much as $30,000 in the bank” and “that he would have access to it after her death.”
Brunner already had access to at least part of his mother’s accounts and was in charge of handling her financial affairs. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for him. Aside from Brunner admitting that he wanted his mother to die, he likely didn’t feel any remorse as he said that “he and his mother have had a tenuous relationship.” To make matters worse, Cynthia Brunner allegedly “made attempts to communicate with Eric Brunner for some time after falling,” but he had no intention of helping his mother or calling for emergency personnel.
During the time Brunner was being interviewed, he admitted “that in the days prior to his mother’s death that he had exchanged emails with a church member concerning his negative feelings toward his mother.” Brunner is currently being held without bail at the Wake County Detention Center and is scheduled to go before a court April 14TH.
“Money is the root of all evil.”
If you’re familiar with this quote, perhaps you would agree that this incident is a representation of what it actually means. When people become greedy or “money hungry”, it often results in them engaging in selfish or wicked behavior, behavior similar to that displayed by Eric Brunner.

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Sadly, there are many individuals like Brunner who allow accidents to occur and purposely cause them just so they can obtain an insurance payout or gain access to large sums of money. While Brunner may have thought that his mother’s fall would look as though it was an accident and that he played no role in her death, deputies were smarter than he thought as they began questioning him as he was her caregiver and should have been watching her.
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