A road widening project went horribly wrong when a local man was killed by an 8,000 pound pipe which rolled over and crushed him. Jared Overfield was a 28-year old construction worker that lived only about 10-miles away from the accident site. The project he was working on at the time of his death was intended to widen highway 101 in Petaluma in Sonoma County.

Investigators are still trying to establish what exactly went wrong. So far, the only concrete information available is that a fork lift operator had set the 8,000 pound steel pipe on a road. Unfortunately, due to the gradient of the road the pipe rolled down hill and crushed Overfield, according to an LA Times report.
Man thrown out of boat suffers non-life threatening injury
According to Patch.com, a Rohnert Park man was injured as the result of a boat accident on Lake Sonoma. According to witnesses and friends of the injured, he was travelling down the lake in his personal boat at considerable speed when his boat encountered the wake of another boat. The impact was great enough to launch the man out of his boat and into the lake.
He was flying like superman for a short while. Authorities that responded to the emergency call spotted the man hanging onto a public boat ramp. Luckily, he was wearing a floatation device since he could not swim that well since he did not even make it to shore. Since lakes do not have any current, swimming in them is rather easy even if you have a hurt hand which this man did. Very smart to be prepared which he was with that life preserver.
It was just bad luck that he hit a wave at such an angle. But he may have been traveling a little fast.
Creator of the popular music track ‘Spirit in the Sky’ hospitalized in critical condition after a road accident
Norman Greenbaum is known world over for his song Spirit in the Sky which rocked the radio’s and debuted in as many as 50 movies during the seventies. Unfortunately, the singer-songwriter is now in intensive care after he was involved in a tragic accident that killed one other person, according to the Press Democrat.
The crash site is still being studied by investigators but they were able to confirm that a sports motorcycle failed to stop on time and crashed into a car on Occidental Road. The rider of the motorcycle, a 20-year old Ihab Usama Halaweh, died almost instantaneously after the impact.
Greenbaum and a passenger of the Halaweh were transported to Santa Rosa Memorial hospital, both sustained serious injuries.
Car accident rules in the State of California
According to Sonoma CA accident attorneys there is no need to file a lawsuit against the other driver when involved in a car accident. A simple insurance claim will suffice and cover damages. However, in the rare occasion that your insurer declines to compensate you and you believe that the accident was caused as a result of negligent or unsafe driving by the other party, only then you may proceed to sue them.

Keep in mind, you will be required to prove the other person’s negligence or recklessness in court. For this reason, it’s always a prudent idea to secure yourself an experienced personal injury lawyer and there is no better way to do this than utilizing USAttorneys.com.
Another important point to note is that any personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is governed by a statute of limitations which dictates that the plaintiff has a maximum of two years from the date of the accident or incident to formally file the complaint.

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