Irrespective of whether the suspect is under age or an adult, a hit and run is still a very serious offense in the state of South Carolina and anywhere else in the country for that matter.
Charleston accident lawyers stress the importance of remaining on the scene after an accident time after time. But there are still cases registered where a person involved in the accident leaves the scene of the accident and is hit with heavy penalties and fines. Even the best South Carolina accident lawyers on the site cannot prevent that from happening but they can help you making the situation even worse for sure.

As per the state’s accident laws, in the majority of cases where the operator of a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian or another motor vehicle it is a mandatory to notify law enforcement authorities of what transpired. In cases where such a collision results in one or more persons sustaining injuries, it is also mandatory that the operator remain at the scene of the accident and assist the injured.
Legislation surrounding property damage caused by a motor vehicle
South Carolina state law also clearly mentions that when the operator of a motor vehicle collides with any type of property and causes damage to the said property, it is their responsibility to ensure that they bring it to the attention of the property owner before they leave the scene of the collision.
The charge that maybe filed against an operator of a motor vehicle when he leaves the scene after causing property damage depends on the type of the property. According to expert Charleston, SC accident attorneys, the state prosecutors may file a misdemeanor charge for any motorist that fled the scene after causing damage to a fixture on or next to the highway, road, or street.
Leaving the scene of the crash only exacerbates the situation 
Misdemeanor charges may also stem from cases where the operator of a motor vehicle fled the scene after colliding with an unattended vehicle and causing damage to it. Likewise, when a motorist fails to remain on scene after crashing into an attended vehicle it will also lead to a misdemeanor charge.

Sometimes drivers fail to remain on the scene after striking a pedestrian or another vehicle and thereby cause injury, great bodily harm or death of the other person. The suspect may be charged with a misdemeanor when the accident results in only an injury but in case the accident caused great bodily harm or death, the suspect will be slapped with felony charges and so on. You will need a Charleston, SC accident lawyer in this situation for sure.
What does a misdemeanor conviction imply?
It is a common misperception that a misdemeanor is a negligible charge that won’t really amount to anything. In fact, on the contrary, the real world consequences of a misdemeanor conviction are quite serious. The person convicted of the charge may even be issued some jail time as high as one year. Furthermore, they are likely to face fines up to $5,000.
For a felony hit and run, prison time may range anywhere between 1 year to ten years and fines in the order of $5,000 – $10,000. If you have been involved in an accident, make sure to seek counsel from an experienced accident lawyer so that you rights are protected and you receive adequate compensation if you are a victim.
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