Lexington, SC – When a driver is not wearing a seat belt or utilizing other safety features of their vehicle, the risk of serious injuries increases greatly. Drivers who are unsecured may also face additional problems if they try to file an insurance claim or get other forms of help. However, anyone who was involved in a devastating accident should still seek legal assistance to see if they can receive compensation for their injuries. 

Lexington driver loses control causes a serious collision

Several people were affected by a head on crash in Lexington County, South Carolina late at night. One of the victims passed away from his injuries. 

Law enforcement and emergency workers were called to respond to the area near South Lake Drive and Bluefield Road very late in the day. The county coroner later confirmed that one of the men involved in the accident had sustained fatal injuries. 

The preliminary investigation showed that a middle aged male driver who was operating one of the cars involved must have lost control and went over the center line. His vehicle struck another car going in the opposite direction. The South Carolina Highway Patrol was still trying to determine what caused the driver to move his vehicle into oncoming traffic. 

It was later reported that all of the victims in the second car were taken to a local hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. All were expected to survive. The man who lost control of his vehicle was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. 

Officials from Lexington County expressed concern regarding the number of people who were involved in car collisions in the area that were not wearing seatbelts. Some of those victims passed away as well. 

Possible scenarios for the victims

If an accident victim is no longer around to file a lawsuit, there are special kinds of civil cases that can be brought by their family. Usually a spouse, child, or sibling can bring the action to be compensated for things like the value of the person’s lost income and services, as well as their funeral and burial expenses. For victims who were only injured, they can contact a lawyer to file a negligence case against the driver responsible for the losses. A legal professional who works in this area of the law can provide more specific information about the value of any case and trial strategy. 

Getting assistance from an attorney after any collision

There are lawyers in South Carolina who are focused on helping victims get compensation for their injuries. Anyone who wants to learn more about this process can contact Louthian Law Firm to speak with a licensed attorney.  

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