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Columbia, SC – Drivers in the state of South Carolina should be aware that maintaining an active car insurance policy is a necessary part of driving. This providing company should also be notified anytime that there is an accident. In situations where a personal injury attorney recommends that a civil lawsuit should be filed against the person or business responsible for the car accident, the insurance process will have to be completed as well. 

Personal injury attorneys routinely handle situations where they need to argue for a large damage award to pay for all of the client’s medical bills and related losses. This is usually done because the insurance process is insufficient. 

State requirements for insurance for drivers

South Carolina law requires drivers to have both liability and uninsured motorist coverage if they want to drive on the state’s roads. The state’s Department of Insurance also provides other information about what types of coverage are recommended, but not required by law. Any active auto policy must cover at least $25,000 of bodily injury to one person, or $50,000 for all victims affected by an accident. The bodily injury amount built into a policy is also meant to cover losses for emotional pain and suffering, which can include a substantial amount of damages. 

There is another type of coverage available in the state that offers comprehensive protection against losses from things like fire, theft, vandalism, and flooding, but this is not required by law and is rarely a factor in personal injury cases. 

How insurance factors into lawsuits

Before beginning the process to bring a civil lawsuit, it is always necessary for the driver to notify their insurance company. They will want to conduct their own internal investigation into the collision and decide if they should pay the victim. However, most of these general auto policies will not pay more than a few thousand dollars for repairs, and even amounts paid out to cover bodily injury have limits as described by insurance policies. Lawsuits are necessary in many situations to cover the costs of medical treatment and other serious problems that can cost thousands or millions of dollars over the course of several years due to continued treatment and medical care. These issues can obviously cost much more than car repairs, which is what auto insurance is primarily meant to cover due to a bank or lender’s investment in the vehicle rather than the driver. 

Local firms that focus on related lawsuits

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