Charleston, South Carolina – Police responded to an incident on the Palmetto Commerce Parkway in North Charleston early on a Monday morning. The crash happened in the Weber Boulevard area, and it involved a 34 year old male motorcyclist from Moncks Corner. Emergency workers transported him to Trident Medical Center, but he died that same morning from his injuries.  

His identity was released a short time afterward, but a cause of death was not released by the coroner’s office and the police were still in the process of conducting an investigation at the time of the news report. There was no other information regarding whether anyone else was hurt or other vehicles were affected during the incident. 

Motorcycle accidents and the process of bringing a lawsuit

An accident lawsuit in civil court involving a motorcycle is treated almost exactly the same as any other type of collision involving a car or a truck. The victim will have to prove that the person at fault for the crash was negligent and breached their duty of care on the roads. 

A negligence case has four elements. The plaintiff’s attorney must show that the defendant breached their standard duty of care while driving, they were the actual and proximate causes of the collision, and that they caused damages to the plaintiff. When a lawsuit begins, the attorney will file an initial pleading that shows facts which could possibly prove these four elements. There will also be a brief statement of damages that lists the losses that the plaintiff sustained and how much money the defendant will have to pay to fix them.

What are the victim’s chances of winning?

Each lawsuit is highly dependent on the particular facts surrounding the accident. Because there are no guarantees, the best way to attempt to win a case is to retain a local attorney who has years or decades of experience helping accident victims in your city or county. Lawyers who have been focusing their career on these kinds of cases for an extended period of time are most gifted when it comes to negotiating a settlement agreement or arguing for damages in front of a jury in a courtroom.  

A local firm that focuses on helping accident victims

There are motorcycle accident attorneys in the Charleston, South Carolina area who can assist victims with the process of getting compensation for their injuries and taking other legal actions if necessary. To speak with someone today, contact The Clekis Law Firm

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