Small businesses in Columbia, South Carolina need to ensure they are carrying adequate commercial liability insurance to protect them for when the unexpected occurs. Commercial liability insurance “protects your business from financial loss resulting from claims of injury or damage caused to others by you or your employees” says
The fact is, accidents can happen anywhere, even in your small business setting. What if you own a shop and an employee forgets to wipe up some split liquid which causes a customer to slip and fall? If they were injured after engaging in such an accident, don’t expect them to have their hand out to their insurance company for the funds to cover their medical expenses. They are more than likely going to pursue you for the money and expect that your liability insurance covers them.
Without the protection an insurance policy offers, you are at risk of being sued by the injured party. And if someone recently hurt themselves while shopping in your store or during a visit to your business, it might be a good idea to speak with one of our accident lawyers in Columbia, South Carolina and let them inform you on what the injured party’s rights are as well as what yours are as a business owner. Sometimes, customers injure themselves out of their own negligent actions and then want to turn around and blame the company for their pain and suffering.
If you feel you or your employees weren’t responsible for a recent accident that involved a consumer, get in touch with a respectable and reliable Columbia, SC accident and injury attorney now with the help can provide.

What are the minimum requirements for commercial liability insurance in Columbia, South Carolina?

Every business operates differently. Some are retail stores while others are small restaurants. Your coverage should be based upon your daily foot traffic and the risk factor present in your work environment. Currently, the state of South Carolina recognizes a business with fewer than 500 employees as a “small business.” That means you could have a several employees working for you as well as different customers coming into your business on a daily basis.
One of the recommendations offers is that you carry at least between $500,000 to $1 million in coverage, however, you do need to assess your own business environment to ensure you have enough coverage. Our Columbia, South Carolina accident lawyers have had to take legal recourse against small business owners after an accident occurred simply because they weren’t carrying the proper amount of coverage that should have been available to cover the medical expenses, loss of wages, etc.
While it is important that you carry at least some commercial liability insurance coverage, it may be necessary that you increase your limits just to protect yourself depending on your particular work setting.
in the event you have had a recent account with a customer or even an employee who was injured in your small business and have questions about the legal action they are permitted to take, let us get you connected to a nearby personal injury lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina now.