Car accidents have the tendency to boggle our minds and leave us feeling hazy and confused. The adrenaline alone causes us to become disoriented which might result in us forgetting what steps we need to take following a car accident. One of the most common questions many individuals have that our accident lawyers in North Charleston, South Carolina have run across is:

What information do I take in a car accident?

There is certain information you will need to take down after a car accident has occurred and this includes:

  • Names of the individuals who have been involved in the accident with you.
  • Phone numbers and addresses of these people.
  • Vehicle descriptions as license plate numbers.
  • Witness names, phone numbers, and a statement from them if you are able to obtain this.
  • Write down the date and time of the accident.
  • The location where the collision occurred.
  • The name of the insurer of the other drivers involved as well as their policy information.
  • Police report number
  • Officer name and badge number

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While it might seem like a lot, remember, this information will help you in the long run. Your insurance carrier might request some of it if they don’t receive it from the police report and your North Charleston accident lawyer may request some of it as well. The important thing to do after engaging in an auto accident in North Charleston, South Carolina or any city for that matter is that you remain calm and keep your cool.
Sometimes, drivers get upset and agitated because their new vehicle was hit from behind by a reckless driver, but staying calm is key. By remaining calm, you are able to remember the information you need to collect and this will only make the process run smoother. It is important that you not only collect all the pertinent information you might need after your accident but also tend to any injuries you may have sustained.
Some injuries don’t show up right away so rather be safe than sorry, get yourself checked out after your accident. Whether you wish to visit a local urgent care center or report to a hospital in North Charleston, that is entirely up to you.
For your convenience, some local hospitals in North Charleston and the surrounding area are listed below:
Trident Medical Center
9330 Medical Plaza Dr., North Charleston, SC 29406
Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
2095 Henry Tecklenburg Dr., Charleston, SC 29414
Medical University of South Carolina Hospital
171 Ashley Ave, Charleston, SC 29425
After you are able to gather yourself together and have your injuries evaluated, the next step is to contact Your car accident may qualify you to collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars in compensation and our accident lawyers in SC are going to be honest and inform you on what this amount might be.
Give us a call today and an agent will place you in touch with some of the best auto accident attorneys in the city of North Charleston, SC.