Accidents of all kinds are a common source of lawsuits because it is usually possible to trace the relevant problems that caused the accident to a person, group of people, or business. The civil law provides a number of different ways that the individuals responsible are required to compensate those who have suffered because of their improper actions. This process involves establishing a relevant duty of care which was breached, proving the person or business was at fault for this incident, and establishing the amount of damage or injuries that occurred to calculate the proper amount of compensation to be paid out. Accident lawyers are experts in utilizing this case structure to help victims receive the largest award possible after a settlement or jury trial.
Car accidents are probably the most common source of lawsuits and injuries in the United States. Even accidents that are fatal or cause serious injury are a reality of driving on the roads in any state. A deadly incident in Greenville County South Carolina resulted in a man dying at a local hospital after he was ejected from his car.

Man dies in Greenville memorial hospital after a single car crash
Police believe the crash occurred at 96 Log Shoals Road at about 2:20am on a Saturday morning. The victim was driving a 2004 Acura that veered off of the road. After leaving the surface of the road, the car overturned and the driver was ejected as a result of the initial impact. The county coroner reported that the man died approximately six hours later at around 8:30am at Greenville Memorial Hospital from blunt force trauma.
The process of finding who is at fault
While there are not many details present in the account of the accident, there are a number of things that could have gone wrong. Vehicles are subject to various kinds of malfunctions or problems that can be deadly if they occur at the wrong time. Someone may also be at fault for hazardous road conditions such as a construction company or city government that was responsible for maintaining the area. Usually, there will be reports filed  by the local police or fire department that detail the findings of their initial investigation. Accident lawyers also have a number of other resources available to do their own investigation as to the causes of an incident. In most cases, all of these pieces of information can be analyzed to find who is responsible.
Lawsuits against various entities
In these situations, it is still possible to file different kinds of lawsuits such as negligence, wrongful death, or products liability based on the particular facts surrounding an incident. Each kind of case has a specific way of compensating victims or their families relative to the amount of harm that they have suffered. A local attorney who specializes in all kinds of accidents will provide personalized advice after hearing about your situation, and they can explain details such as the type of case they will file, along with what to expect in the coming months while information is collected and negotiations with the defendant’s attorney begin.
Greenville accident lawyers are ready to take your case
If you have been hurt or recently had a family member die in a car accident or because of another type of problem, it may be possible to get legal help and file a lawsuit in the Greenville area. The Hayes Law Firm has a history of successfully representing people in Greenville and the Upstate area since 1993. An immediate consultation is available by filling out a simple form on their website.