Icy roads cause car crash
Two high school students, sophomores at Hazelwood Central High School, were killed in a car crash at Lindbergh and Robbins Mill Road. Icy roads could possibly be the cause for their car suddenly veering off the right side of the roadway. The car caught fire after it struck the concrete base of a street light pole. A salt truck was called in to help emergency services reach the scene of the accident.
The students of Hazelwood Central High School mourned the loss with balloons, mementos and messages.  The School District too issued its condolences in a statement to the bereaved families but said that it cannot comment on the accident which St. Louis accident attorneys say is due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Teenager struck by vehicle
In another accident at near the intersection of Union Boulevard at Cote Brilliante in North St. Louis, a teenager was struck by a vehicle. The 15 year old, identified as Damon Gilmore, was killed on the spot, according to Leah Freeman spokeswoman for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. The 23 year old driver of the vehicle that struck Gilmore was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license.
Bus driver fails to signal while using cell phone
Two motorcyclists, identified as Matthew Adam, 43, and Jacob Boedeker, 22 were killed when they collided into a bus. The bus driver, Wentzville School District, school board members, and the district’s director of transportation are now facing a lawsuit filed by accident attorneys on behalf of the plaintiffs. The bus driver who was on a cell phone when the accident happened allegedly failed to signal.
The doctors left it in his arm. Strange.
7 inch signal lever removed after 51 years
An accident involving a Thunderbird in 1963 caused a 7-inch turn signal lever to be left in the arm of the driver. The lever was removed from the now 75 year old Lampitt after a 45 minute operation this week in a suburban St. Louis hospital.
The lever was discovered a decade ago when a metal detector set off an alarm at a courthouse. Doctors discovered on x-ray a slender object the size of a pencil and advised Lampitt to leave it as it is since it was not causing him any problems. However, his left arm started to swell and hurt when moving concrete blocks. Why would they leave this in his arm? Of course there would be problems eventually.
Lampitt then went in for surgery to get the object removed, which he discovered was the metal blinker lever from his mangled Thunderbird, after looking at the old photos of the accident. The surgery was performed by Dr. Timothy Lang, who confirmed that the object was indeed the missing metal lever from the steering column of the Thunderbird.
Crane operator crushed by boom
Justin D. Jokerst, 31, of Perryville, Mo., an employee of Taylor Crane, was killed in an accident at a construction site in Edwardsville. The victim was crushed by the weight of the large Grove HL150T crane’s boom that he was operating at the building site of a commercial warehouse at 3951 Lakeview Corporate Drive. Jokerst died on the spot. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration are currently investigating the incident.

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