Hurrying along can be deadly sometimes. As busy as life is, people tend to drive faster to reach their destination. However, this can cause harm to the self and others. The following are the consequences of accidents and a legal battle with an accident lawyer. The recent accident in Adams County, Indiana, shows why we need to slow down and take extreme care when driving. 


A single motorcycle crash in Adams County, Indiana


Speed turned deadly for a 27-year-old motorcyclist from Fort Wayne when he was pronounced dead after a crash in northern Adams County. Following a call, responding officers reached the Winchester Road and W 900N intersection to find the motorcycle off the road and Matthew Groman, the injured and unresponsive motorcyclist. While EMS and Fire personnel provided medical assistance, Groman was pronounced dead on the spot by the County coroner. 


According to the preliminary investigation, Groman traveled towards the north of Winchester Road, downhill the “s” curve, when he veered off, the motorcycle slipped off suddenly. Police are considering speed as a possible factor of the accident along with a wet road. According to witnesses, the motorcyclist was wearing his helmet before and at the time of the incident.


Fortunately enough, the crash only involved Groman, and no one else was hurt. In such situations, reaching accident attorneys is the best option. 

A 61-year-old male from Wales was recently involved in a motorcycle accident after officials say he lost control of his bike while riding in Whitingham, Vermont. Mass Live reported that the driver had been riding his 2005 Triumph Speedmaster motorcycle along Route 100 when the incident transpired. After being thrown from his bike, the rider suffered head injuries and other serious injuries. After officials arrived at the scene, they were later joined by Wilmington Police Department, Bennington County Sheriff’s Department, Whitingham Fire and Rescue, and Deerfield Valley Rescue. The motorcyclist was later transported to the Albany Medical Center. The source says the rider was wearing a U.S. Department of Transportation approved helmet at the time which may have reduced the severity of the injuries he suffered. While police do not believe speed, alcohol, and/or drugs were a factor in the motorcycle accident, an investigation is being conducted to learn more about what happened. Officials Urge Motorcyclists in Vermont to Ride with Caution as We Enter into the Summer Months Last year, approximately 151 motorcycle-related accidents occurred in Vermont. While that number reflects a decrease in accidents, 151 is still too many. And because we are entering into the summer months, which is an ideal time for a biker to ride, officials are asking that motorcyclists take all the necessary measures to keep them safe [Source: WCAX]. According to David Evans, the chief of driver development at the DMV, motorcyclists should be wearing “all gear all the time. That includes a helmet, gloves, long sleeves or a jacket, and jean-like material pants.” Evans also suggests that riders stay within their skill level as he sees riders “put themselves in precarious situations by riding above their abilities.” Evans recommends that riders “find nice quiet roads, nice quiet streets, and ride on those before you get out on a main highway.” To ensure a rider is prepared to ride, they should also consider taking a motorcycle skills course. The news source says the DMV offers three levels of courses that range from basic to experienced. Therefore, even those who have been riding for years can still take a refresher course without having to review the basics. Were you or someone you know involved in a motorcycle accident in Vermont? While training courses can certainly help a rider reduce their chances of engaging in an accident, they can’t help riders avoid all types of incidents. If you or a loved one was recently involved in a motorcycle accident in Vermont and suffered serious injuries, a Vermont accident lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and much more. To get connected with a VT accident lawyer in your city now who is qualified to help you, contact today.


Needing aid from accident lawyers


The accident in Adams County, Indiana, fortunately, was a single motorcycle crash. However, there can be a casualty in terms of lives and property damage in most other cases. After an accident like these, the trauma will render many unable to handle all the legal proceedings. It is where accident lawyers can help you with solving the issues.


In case of property damage, insurance companies can try their best not to compensate by finding some loophole in the terms. Alternatively, they can make things difficult for you unnecessarily by stretching out the proceedings when all you need is to move on from the harrowing incident. From taking care of the insurance claims proceedings to handling the legal paperwork, an insurance claim lawyer can help you cope with an accident’s consequences. 


Finding the best accident attorneys


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