Speed was a factor in over 200 fatal crashes in New York State in 2014.

Syracuse, NY- Many drivers in New York speed, but it’s a bad habit that can lead to a serious crash. A recent crash near Syracuse is an example of what can happen when drivers exceed the speed limit.
Car Crashes into Jordan Home, Two Injured
A Syracuse family was jarred awake early Friday, July 15, 2017, when a car crashed into their two-story home on the corner. Syracuse.com reports that around 6:30 a.m., a car traveling at high speed when it struck a guardrail and flew 100 feet into the family’s home, according to Auburnpub.com.
Both occupants of the car, two men in their thirties, suffered serious injuries and were taken to an Upstate hospital for treatment. Police are still investigating the cause of the crash and have not cited the driver yet.
No one in the home was injured, but the structure suffered such extensive damage that the family was displaced.
Speed and Car Accidents in New York
Speed is a factor in many traffic accidents throughout New York State. According to the New York Department of Transportation, there were over 28,500 speed-related crashes in the state in 2014. Those crashes led to 208 traffic deaths and over 12,000 injuries.
Speed limits aren’t arbitrary. Maximum speed is designated in an area with the motoring public’s safety in mind, not to inconvenience motorists, so those limits need to be taken seriously and followed. A speeding motorist will be considered liable if they cause a deadly or injurious crash.
Hit by a Speeding Driver? Call an Accident Attorney in Syracuse
The impact of a speed-related crash can be extreme leaving any involved parties with fatal or life-changing injuries. If a speeding driver hits you, let USAttorneys.com connect you with an accident lawyer in Syracuse, New York to evaluate your case. Our legal team will explain the state laws and help you build a case that results in maximum compensation.

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New York’s personal injury rules can be confusing, so recovering compensation for a traffic accident is not as straightforward as it may seem. Who is liable for your crash and the method by which you recover compensation varies depending on the different factors of your accident. Let one of our attorneys explain what options you can pursue to recover compensation for your medical costs and other economic damages. Whether you decide to negotiate with an insurer or file a claim with a civil court, you need the help of an accident attorney.
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