Today marks the first day of spring which means Indiana residents can expect to begin feeling warmer temperatures and seeing flowers sprouting up. But, that isn’t all we can expect now that we have entered into a new season. Spring is also a time when many animals come out of their habitats in search of food now that winter is gone. Unfortunately, their search sometimes takes them down a path that can be deadly to them and dangerous to you.  According to Pharos-Tribune, in 2016, there were nearly 14,000 collisions that occurred involving animals which is equivalent to over six percent of all vehicle crashes in the state during that time period.
Many of the accidents that involved animals were mostly with deer, and those collisions caused five deaths and 240 non-fatal injuries. So, although you might pass an animal lying on the side of the road and not think much of it, remember, that animal could have been attempting to cross the road and caused a vehicle to engage in a serious collision. Therefore, you and anyone you know should begin to keep a watchful eye out for deer and other “critters” and begin implementing safety tactics to help prevent any type of accident from occurring.

Safety Tips to be Implemented to Help Avoid Engaging in an Accident With an Animal

Although you may only encounter an animal once every so often while driving, you need to know what you can do to help prevent a serious accident from occurring. So, the first thing worth considering is what approach you should take in the event an animal runs out and in front of your vehicle. If your first instinct is to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting a squirrel or possum, Madison County Sheriff, Scott Mellinger suggests that this is the worst thing you can do. He said that “it creates a much greater danger. Swerving out of the way could cause an accident much worse than hitting a small animal.”

One thing you can do as opposed to swerving out of the way of the animal and possibly into another vehicle is safely apply pressure to your brakes and remain in your lane. Even if you are facing a deer, remember, “crashing into a deer head-on is less likely to cause injuries than a head-on collision or rollover that can occur if the driver drifts into the other lane or off the road into a ditch.” Something else you can do to help prevent an accident entirely is to remain cognizant of areas that are more prone to having “critters” run out and into the roadway. If you are more alert and aware, you have a better chance at spotting one and potentially being able to maneuver your vehicle out of the way without having to swerve abruptly.
The source also pointed out that wildlife is most active around sunrise and sunset hours so be sure you are on the lookout for them at these particular times. Aside from animals contributing to vehicular accidents occurring, distracted and reckless drivers also make the roads much more dangerous to drive on. And if you were recently involved in an accident that was caused by a negligent motorist, consider contacting a Hammond, IN accident attorney at Marshall P. Whalley & Associates today. Hammond accident attorneys are qualified professionals who work to help get crash victims the compensation they are entitled to for both injuries and property damage from insurance companies as well as the liable party who is responsible for causing the crash.

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