Car accidents are almost inevitable in the world that we live in today. Every year hundreds of thousands of people are involved in auto accidents that range from minor to major.

Be it a serious car accident where your car was totaled or a minor fender bender it is likely that you will have to deal with auto insurance companies to claim damages. Depending on the laws in effect in your state, and what exactly transpired in the auto accident itself, you may have to make the claim with either your own auto insurance policy provider or the auto insurer of the other driver.

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Each car accident of course is unique, however, auto accident lawyers in St. Augustine, FL highlight some of the recommended general practices that anyone involved in a car accident should adhere to in order to ensure that they receive all of the compensation they rightfully deserve.
What to do at the scene of the accident?
Obviously, your first priority should be your safety and that of everyone else who was involved in the car accident. You ought to first ensure that you are in medically stable condition and preferably get checked out by emergency medical technicians.
Once you have ascertained that you are in a stable medical condition and everyone else involved in the car accident is safe, then there are something’s that you can do in order to strengthen your accident case or claim that you may end up having to file later in potential litigation. Some of the steps that Florida accident attorneys recommend are as follows:

  • Take pictures of the accident site and the debris
  • Record the registration or license plates of all vehicles involved
  • Make a note of the full names and addresses of everyone involved in the accident
  • Note the badge numbers of any responding law enforcement officers
  • Do not make any self-incriminating statements
  • Record any witness testimonies or statements that are made
  • Make a quick note of the time, place, and the weather/road conditions at the time of the collision
  • Make notes of any other details or specifics that seem unique to the case: how the accident occurred, and so on.

Now in the movie Lethal Weapon 2 Det. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) did not have time to take notes on how that car accident occurred on that hilly mountain road outside of LA since he was on the job. Now this violent truck accident did involve a tow truck and a surfboard taking someone’s head off. It was a freak accident and lawsuits would have been filed all over the place.
bike accident
If you survive your auto wreck and are healthy enough to take notes then you need to start doing that. You need to start building your case right then.
Dealing with car accident insurance adjustors
St. Augustine, FL accident lawyers point out that an insurance adjustor will most likely approach you after a car accident in an attempt to settle the case without going to court.
They will offer a settlement amount in order to achieve this, but unfortunately, this figure may be nowhere near what you may have expected or you could potentially get if you were take your case to court or hire legal help. However, if you have a legal representative by your side then you can go ahead and negotiate effectively with the insurance adjustor since you will know what your case is worth. Trials also take a long time and are unpredictable.
Therefore, if you have suffered losses in an auto accident make that first positive step and reach out to a fantastic Florida accident lawyer today to work on your claim and get the best possible compensation that you deserve.

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