Being involved in an accident sometimes requires you to seek medical treatment in the event you sustained injuries. Sometimes, you receive this care from your primary care physician (PCP) and other times, you might visit a specialist such as a chiropractor. You have the authority to choose who you want to see and who can render the appropriate treatment to help you achieve wellness. Unfortunately for some St. Louis patients who were involved in accidents, they were coerced into receiving treatment from a chiropractor who managed to get his hands on their personal information that was expected to be kept confidential.
Mitchell E. Davis was a practicing chiropractor who worked with his wife, Galina Davis. His office was formerly known as Davis Chiropractic located at 4144 Lindell Boulevard but has since changed to City Health & Chiropractic [Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch].  Just as any business owner, the Davis’ came across a few hurdles they had to overcome to help their business thrive. For years, the couple had a difficult time obtaining accident report information that would help them find prospective clients who would need their care after being involved in an accident.
While they had access to accident reports in the past, a new law that was passed no longer allowed them to access this information. They filed a lawsuit against the St. Louis Police Department and were even recognized by the Missouri Sunshine Coalition as “Sunshine Heroes.” Their case was taken to court and while it was ruled that the public had a right to accident reports at no charge, they continued to fight this battle. Although the police department did provide information for those involved in an accident including addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, and insurance information, it was only available to those involved in the accident, their insurer’s, or their representing accident attorneys.
The Davis’ weren’t content.

The Couple Decided to Bribe Four Officers to Get What They Needed

According to the news source, the crime eventually surfaced and the couple came clean, admitting that they bribed at least four St. Louis police officers for years “to get nonpublic information on hundreds of accident victims.” The chiropractor and his wife used this information to “solicit patients” and then “pressured some of those victims into exaggerating their symptoms to win larger insurance settlements.” As a result of this crime, Mitchell Davis pleaded guilty to two felonies which include: conspiracy and making a false statement concerning a health care matter. His wife, Galina Davis, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of conspiring to access a computer without authorization.
Not only are accident victims dealing with loss or even pain from their accident, but they are vulnerable and looking for help to get them the compensation they need to move forward. This couple took advantage of that. This is why encourages you to seek legal aid from a St. Louis accident lawyer from our site who can guide you through the stages of your accident case.
You don’t want to be taken advantage of and you certainly don’t want to be coerced into receiving treatment you might not need. is available to find you a local accident attorney in the St. Louis area now.

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