Stanley Law in Syracuse, New York Offers Legal Services Virtually During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For over a year now, the COVID-19 virus has been impacting the lives of Americans and the end is yet to come. Restrictions are still in place and individuals are still expected to take precautionary measures each and every time they leave their homes. While things have certainly changed over the course of the last year, one thing that has remained consistent is Stanley Law’s dedication to their fellow community members.

Despite the strict guidelines the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set, Stanley Law is still available and ready to provide legal representation to those who have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent behavior.


How Stanley Law Interacts with Clients During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Because the COVID-19 virus easily spreads from person to person, Stanley Law is taking all the recommended precautionary measures to protect current and future clients. Some of the ways the Syracuse, NY personal injury lawyers at Stanley Law have adapted to the pandemic include:


  • Offering zoom phone conference calls to new and exsisiting clients.

Whether an individual has a question regarding the progress of their case or is looking to retain a Syracuse, NY personal injury attorney because they were injured by a negligent driver, Stanley Law is available to hold consultations and meetings with clients via Zoom conference calls. This way, CDC guidelines are being followed and accident victims are able to get the answers to some of their most pressing questions they might have without having to leave their home.


  • Attending virtual court hearings and trials.

New York State courts continue to limit the number of cases they are holding in-person in an effort to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This means many cases are being held virtually. For those who may be concerned about attending their hearings virtually, they can rest assured that the lawyers at Stanley Law will still be fighting for a fair and favorable outcome, the same way they would if their case was held in-person.


Now, if an individual was involved in an accident in Syracuse that stemmed from someone else’s negligence or carelessness and they are looking to recover compensation for their injuries and losses, Stanley Law is open and ready to begin providing them with the legal advice and guidance they are seeking.


Stanley Law can be contacted at any of their office locations listed down below:


Syracuse Office


215 Burnet Avenue

Syracuse, NY 13203

Phone: 1-800-608-3333



Binghamton Office


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Watertown Office


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