A car accident in Wasco has resulted in the death of Wasco State prison official, according to bakersfieldnow.com. Investigators have confirmed that the crash was a chain reaction that occurred in the proximity of Kimberlina Road and Jumper Avenue near Wasco. Anyone involved in this crash, as well as the victim’s family, should be using USAttorneys.com to locate a fantastic accident lawyer which is not hard to do on this site.
The decedent was supposedly operating a Honda Civic. He is said to rear ended a flatbed truck following which another car crashed into the back of the Civic. The victim worked as an associate warden in Wasco State Prison and resided in Bakersfield according to police reports. He has been identified as 47 year old Troy Ojeda and like anyone else, his family will be calling for a Bakersfield, CA accident lawyer very soon.

A spokesperson for the prison released a statement saying that the death of Ojeda has come as a huge loss for the prison and he also offered condolences to the family on behalf of the prison staff.
Hard to see!
According to officials from the California Highway Patrol, it is possible that the accident resulted due to poor visibility caused by dust in the air from nearby almond workers. Kern County has been extremely dusty for the past few weeks due to the extensive almond work and this may very well have played a contributing factor in the accident.
This time of the year is almond season in Kern County according to locals. However, this year around, visibility has been at an all time low due to the dust from the almond workers being mixed with smoke from all the wildfires that have occurred and continue to occur.
Paramedics preparing a stretcher for a wounded car accident victim
High Speed car pursuit in Kern County ends in car thief’s death
According to official reports filed by the Kern County Sherriff’s office, a deputy belonging to the department attempted to pull over a car last week that he recognized as stolen. However, the suspect in question failed to yield to the officer and instead sped away. Subsequently, the officer pursued the suspect and soon they were both in a high speed car chase. The chase only ended near French Gulch Bridge when the suspect (identified as 52 year old Jack Robertson) lost control of the car and it started swerving dangerously from side to side before toppling over and flipping at least five to six times.
As reported by turnto23.com, investigators believe Robertson was not wearing his seat belt, he was thrown from the moving vehicle as it was flipping and sustained serious injuries. Emergency responders rushed him to a nearby medical facility where he was declared dead. This is why Bakersfield, CA accident attorneys always say drivers should be wearing a seat belt, even if they are banes on society such as car thieves.
Auto accident and personal injury lawsuits in California
California comes under comparative fault state. The comparative fault law basically implies that all persons involved in an accident are liable to financially cover the damages thereby caused depending upon the degree of their fault in causing the accident. Furthermore, California state law also has a statute of limitations which dictates that a civil lawsuit for personal injury claims needs to be filed within a maximum time period of 3 years from the date of the accident.
These are just two of the most basic laws of a number of complex ones. It is therefore best for anyone involved in an accident and looking to be compensated for damages to hire an experienced California accident lawyer.

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