Accident attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA know construction sites are among one of the most dangerous places of employment based on the number of cases they have handled.
The construction industry is recognized for its large amount of worker’s compensation claims being filed as well as the number of fatal incidents that occur each and every year. OSHA, also known as the United States Department of Labor, says 4,821 workers were killed while on the job in 2014. That’s equivalent to 92 people a week, or 13 deaths every day. But, if you take the time to consider the various types of jobs these workers do, the risk involved is significant.

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Those who are employed in the field of construction have an increased chance of engaging in a fatal accident than most other jobs.

What can you do to protect yourself at work? 
If you are a construction worker or are just breaking into the field, you know your safety can be an issue on certain job sites. But, employers who require their workers to engage in activity that is known to bring upon harm are responsible to make the space as safe as possible. When they don’t, accidents do tend to occur and people can lose their lives. So, in an effort to keep you safe and out of harm’s way, below are a few tips to keep in mind when beginning any type of construction job.

  1. Be certain there is some form of fall protection in place. According to, “duty to have fall protection is the most cited standard in the construction industry and is one of the leading causes of worker’s deaths in construction.” Because most jobs require a construction worker to climb to high heights, or perform a job at an elevated position, you need to ensure your safety is taken into consideration.
  1. Does your job require you to work perform work while on a scaffold? If so, “workers should never exceed the maximum load when working on scaffolds.” Also, “never leave tools, equipment or materials on the scaffold at the end of the shift.”
  1. Did you know that many construction workers aren’t properly trained to use a ladder properly which in return causes them to injure themselves? suggests that you “always maintain three points of contact while ascending and descending a ladder, that’s both feet and at least one hand.

Although you have a job to do and requirements to fulfill, your life is worth much more than a days’ worth of pay. Your safety should never be comprised and your life should never be placed at risk. Yes, most construction job sites are dangerous, but if you survey the scene to ensure your employer has done their due diligence in preparing it and making sure you won’t get injured, there is a less chance you will.
If you are a construction worker and have already been involved in an accident on the job, contact local Pittsburgh, PA accident lawyers at Goodrich and Associates, P.C. today by calling 412-261-4663. You want to be on your way to receiving the necessary compensation for recovery and our accident lawyers can help you do just that.

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