Steps to take after an accident in North Miami Beach

Most of the people who visit North Miami Beach come for the tremendous fun you can have here. After all, North Miami Beach is famous for its many hotels, resorts, and nightclubs. Everyone deserves a holiday, but no one wants to see it end in the ER. Accidents happen though. That’s life. However, if the accident you were injured in was not your fault, you might want to talk to a skilled North Miami Beach personal injury lawyer. If you were injured because the owner of the property was negligent, you deserve to be compensated for your financial losses and your suffering.

What are Florida’s premises liability laws?

Accidents that happen on someone else’s property – such as a hotel, resort, amusement park, pool, shop, or restaurant – are known as premises liability cases.

According to Florida’s premises liability law, “the owner of a property, or tenant such as a shop owner, is responsible for maintaining a premise or property in a reasonable condition free of hazards. A failure to do so may create liability if an injury results to a visitor from negligent maintenance.”

Who can sue under premises liability laws?

If it’s a public place where people can come and go, almost anyone could sue if they are injured, including trespassers.

For instance, if you stay at a hotel in North Miami Beach, you can file a personal injury claim if you slip on unmarked wet floors or trip on the ill-lit stairs. 

Maybe you don’t even stay at the hotel and just go in to ask if your friends have arrived. As a visitor, you are entitled to the same protection. If you’re injured in some accident, the owner may be liable for damages.

The people trespassing on a property are also entitled to some degree of reasonable protection. The owner should at least post a warning about hazards. If there’s a No Trespassing sign, you might be barred from recovery. This does not include children. Children don’t bother reading signs and, being curious by definition, must be protected from harm so owners should take safety precautions.

How do you file an accident claim in North Miami Beach?

No matter what type of premises liability case you have, your Florida personal injury lawyers will have to prove that the owner was negligent. The most important part is showing how the accident happened and in what way the owner failed in their duty to keep visitors safe. Here’s what you must do.

Take photos of the accident scene

If the floor was slippery, take photos showing that there was a puddle or some spilled drink on it. This is crucial because, once you leave, the owner may very well clean up and claim you were drunk and fell because you lost your balance. 

Get witnesses

Get the names of those present at the scene and their contact info. In a premises liability case, witness testimony can be crucial.

See a doctor

Don’t go to your room on the assumption some rest will do you good. If later on, you discover you have a slipped disc, without medical records your personal injury lawyers will have a hard time proving you were hurt by the fall in the hotel lobby. 

Don’t accept a quick settlement for your accident

A smart property owner might alert his insurer and they may contact you to offer a quick settlement. The only reason they would do this is that they hope to get away with less than you deserve. 

If you were recently injured in a North Miami Beach accident that falls under premises liability, schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at the Madalon Law firm and start preparing your claim. 

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