A collision in which a person is rear-ended will often cause significant damage to one’s vehicle. In most cases, the driver who struck the vehicle in a rear-end collision is almost always held responsible for the damages, unless there are specific circumstances.

Drivers who find themselves in such an accident should not hesitate before reaching out to an accident attorney in Orange County, California. A lawyer will guide a person through the legalities and ensure they receive proper settlement for their damages. After a rear-end collision, a person may notice that their rear bumper is damaged or that there is damage to the backlights on one’s vehicle. If the accident is more severe, the damage may be present across the entire vehicle.

Even if it looks like there was no damage or that there was minimal damage done to the car, drivers should immediately go and get their vehicle checked by a professional. A thorough check will uncover whether the hit was just a superficial one or if it resulted in some internal damage. Apart from damage to the vehicle itself, a person may suffer significant injuries as well. Just like the vehicle, a person should go and get a medical check-up immediately, even if they do not see or feel any apparent signs of injury. A doctor will be able to tell a person if they suffered any internal or subtle injuries.

It is integral that a person figures out how much they suffered because they will need to know the total amount of damages to claim a proper settlement. Once a person knows the total amount of damage done to their vehicle, and the total amount of harm they physically suffered, they can get an estimate of what their bills will look like and they can use this as a standard for how much settlement they should request from the insurance company.

Requesting settlement from the insurance company in Orange County, California

It can be difficult to request compensation from an insurer on one’s own. After facing something as traumatic as an accident, a person may not be in the correct emotional and mental state to speak in a calm manner to the insurer. It is always in a person’s best interest to call an accident lawyer to help them get their settlement by communicating with the insurer on their behalf. An accident attorney can focus on securing a person their settlement while they focus on recovering from the traumatic event they just experienced.

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