Hit-and-run accidents are common occurrences in Florida and although most result in property damage, there are times when those involved suffer serious or fatal injuries.1 After an individual has been involved in an accident with a driver who fled the scene, while their first instinct might be to follow them, there are other steps they can take that won’t put them or those traveling with them in more danger.

Some of the steps a driver might consider taking after engaging in a hit-and-run include:

  1. Remain at the scene. Florida law requires drivers to remain at the scene of an accident that results in property damage ($500 or more), injuries, or death.2 Although the other driver opted to violate the law by leaving the scene, it is recommended that an individual remain at the location where the accident occurred and follow the next steps.
  2. Check for injuries and call 911. Hit-and-run accident victims should check to see if they or anyone else suffered injuries and call 911 immediately. If injuries were suffered, the 911 dispatcher will be able to send out an officer and along with emergency medical personnel. In addition, a police officer will write up an accident report so that the crash is documented, and it is notated that the other driver failed to remain at the scene.
  3. Take photos. It is extremely important for hit-and-run accident victims to take photos of the scene, the damage their vehicle sustained, and any injuries that were suffered.
  4. Write down witness information. If there were any witnesses present, the victim should take down their name and phone number and write down any relevant information they may have.
  5. Contact a Fort Walton Beach, FL car accident lawyer. It is always a good idea to contact a car accident attorney in Fort Walton Beach directly after a collision as they can determine if the victim is entitled to compensation and how they can obtain it.


Causes of Hit-and-Run Accidents


Hit-and-run accidents happen for many different reasons, some of which include:

  • The driver was violating one or more laws at the time of the accident. Driving while intoxicated and operating a vehicle without a valid license are two examples of violations that might prompt a driver to flee the scene of an accident.
  • The driver was afraid of the consequences they may face for causing a serious accident.


Browning Law Firm Helps Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents Recover the Compensation They are Due


When a driver neglects to remain at the scene of an accident, it can make it more difficult for the victims to collect compensation for property damage, medical costs, and more. Fortunately, the Fort Walton Beach car accident attorneys at Browning Law Firm have experience with hit-and-run accident cases and can explain what steps a victim will need to take in order to recover any compensation they might be due.


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