Sterling Heights Michigan – Pregnant Woman Struck by Another Driver

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Accidents can happen when we least expect them, leaving us in dire situations that require immediate assistance. Just ask Bryanna Fantozzi, a DoorDash driver who experienced a crash while on the job in Sterling Heights, Michigan. However, thanks to the exceptional help provided by the local police, her predicament took an unexpected turn.


Picture this: Fantozzi, six months pregnant, had her precious baby girl in the backseat when her car was struck by another driver, rendering it undrivable. Fear and concern flooded her mind, but her determination to fulfill her delivery duties remained steadfast. Seeking aid, she turned to the nearest police officer, desperately asking for help.


In a heartwarming display of dedication and empathy, Sterling Heights Lieutenant David Allen and his fellow officers went above and beyond the call of duty. Recognizing the importance of Fantozzi’s delivery and the pressing needs of her growing family, they swiftly took charge of the situation. With unwavering commitment, Lt. Allen gathered all the groceries from Fantozzi’s vehicle, alongside the food from a local Metro Detroit steakhouse, and ensured the delivery reached its intended destination in Sterling Heights.


For Fantozzi, this act of kindness meant more than just a successful delivery. It symbolized the support she needed during a difficult time, allowing her to earn much-needed income for her family. The gratitude she expressed resonates deeply with the sense of relief and security provided by the dedicated officers.


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