Incidents of personal injury can be profoundly devastating. They can rip away your present and your future in a matter of seconds, taking away your physical and cognitive capabilities and even the lives of those you love the most. What is worst is that oftentimes, these incidents can be avoided, and your life and the lives of your loved ones preserved. Unfortunately, it is not up to us to control how others behave, and sometimes it is that misbehavior that can cost us dearly. If you or someone you know has been recently involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or any other kind of personal injury in Jackson, Mississippi, we highly recommend reaching out to a personal injury attorney right away.

The Tragic Consequences of Personal Injury

Those who have been fortunate enough to have never had to experience injury or loss, may not know extent to which a personal injury event can impact your life. Even slip and fall accidents that may not seem so grave at first, could completely destabilize your lifestyle, leaving you with physical impediments such as paralysis. Sometimes these incidents seem minor and inconsequential at first, and so those who suffer never think to contact a personal injury attorney right after the event. The fact is, however, that sometimes the wounds that are left behind by personal injury do not become visible until a few days, weeks or even months have passed. According to a journal article on PudMed Central, “Among the issues that are associated with MVA [(Motor vehicle accident)] related PTSD, the presence of chronic pain may be the single most defining characteristic. For example, in a psychometric study assessing PTSD in 229 MVA survivors, Coffey, Gudmundsdottir, Beck, Palyo, & Miller (2006) found that 69% of the sample reported chronic pain that could be attributed to their MVA. In addition, the reported pain caused significant lifestyle limitations, impairment, or significant distress, determined on the basis of behavioral restriction (e.g., unable to work), continued utilization of health care for pain relief, or consistent use of pain medication.”

It’s incredibly important that those who have suffered personal injury at the hands of another, get checked out right away to make sure that no interior or exterior damage has been done, and then reach out to an attorney who can help them prepare an injury claim and hold the at-fault party responsible. Personal injury attorneys, according to Balance Careers will help you by “investigating claims, gathering evidence, formulating legal theories, and researching case law, [as well as] drafting pleadings, motions, discovery requests, [and] interviewing and deposing witnesses.” If you or someone you know needs the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Jackson, Mississippi, we recommend contacting Ballard Law at (769) 572-5111.