The trial in one of the most deadly crashes in California in 2014 continues with Solano County prosecutors presenting evidence against 20 year old Damarea D. Williams-Evans of Suisun City. According to police, he was speeding in a pickup down the Interstate 80 east of Highway 113 near Dixon and rear ended the vehicle of a 77 year Sacramento man who died in the accident on January 31st, 2014.

Williams-Evans only stopped to check his vehicle for damage and then drove away towards Vacaville. He abandoned the pickup when it broke down on the freeway. He was arrested in Fairfield the same day and booked on felony vehicular manslaughter and other related charges.
Prosecutors present evidence
Williams-Evans faces multiple charges of gross vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, and possession of marijuana. He also faces charges of driving on a suspended license which according to Solano County accident attorneys will add to his sentence. At the Solano County Superior Court prosecutors argue that his actions were grossly negligent which was evident from his driving prior to the crash where he was involved in another hit and run accident.
He allegedly rear ended a vehicle on Interstate 80 but failed to stop despite the driver attempting to get his Evans’ attention. The hit and run victim called 911 but Evans continued driving down the freeway until his vehicle began smoking. According to witnesses, the headlights and tail lights on Evans’ pickup were off.
Defense argues that victim was at fault
After a brief stop, Evans got back onto the freeway and struck the 75 year old motorist who was in the slow lane. The elderly driver lost control and landed in a ditch. He was rushed to a local hospital but succumbed to his injuries shortly after. Despite the accident, Evans drove for another three-quarter of a mile until his pickup broke down.
Defense attorneys for the accused argued that the victim swerved to move out of the way of Evans’ vehicle, which could have caused the accident. They also argued that prosecutors had still not provided evidence relating to the serious felonies of gross vehicular manslaughter and hit and run causing death.
The accident attorneys said that evidence did not show whether the victim was wearing a seat belt. What does this matter? He was hit by a careless and dangerous driver who thought the highway belonged to him. Evans’ defense attorney told Judge Wendy G. Getty that her client attempted to go back to the scene of the crash. Anyone with a clue though does not believe this. The judge is expected to rule in the case shortly.
Why you need a Solano County accident attorney
Solano County accident attorneys reiterate that it is important for victims of accidents to seek legal counsel in order to make sure they receive adequate compensation. Apart from auto accidents, boating, slip and fall, trucking, and bicycle and motorcycle accidents can every often result in pain and suffering for all involved.
Serious accidents are often fatal or can cause lifelong disabilities. Therefore, it is prudent for anyone involved in an accident to file a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an experienced accident attorney.

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