West Palm Beach Law Enforcement Progresses in Hit-and-Run Fatality Investigation

Following a fatal hit-and-run accident in West Palm Beach, Florida, local law enforcement officials have advanced significantly in their investigation. Last weekend, the life of a 55-year-old woman, Penelope Lynn Kenyon, was tragically cut short when a vehicle fatally struck her. Authorities have now identified both the vehicle and the driver believed to be involved in this tragic incident.

Crucial Lead Points to Suspect

The West Palm Beach police spokesperson, Mike Jachles, disclosed on Thursday afternoon that, as a result of an instrumental tip, they were led to a local automotive repair shop where the suspected vehicle was located. The vehicle, a Cadillac ATS, displayed distinct signs of collision, including missing parts such as the passenger side mirror and significant front-end damage.

Witness Interview and Evidence Collection

Further developments led to the identification of a 31-year-old man from Palm Beach County as the suspected driver of the fatal crash. The law enforcement officials successfully conducted an interview with the man, giving them a clearer picture of the circumstances surrounding the incident. The police have also noted the full cooperation of the body shop’s staff, proving invaluable in gathering pertinent information for the investigation.

Tragic Incident Unfolds

Recalling the details of the unfortunate event, Kenyon and her stepbrother were walking along the 1500 block of Belvedere Road, located just west of Interstate 95, early Sunday morning. Their journey, which started at a local Wawa and was meant to end at a nearby IHOP, was abruptly interrupted by a westbound vehicle. The fatal collision occurred at approximately 2:41 a.m., leaving Kenyon critically injured. Despite immediate surgical efforts at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Kenyon, unfortunately, passed away later that morning.

Active Investigation

As part of their active investigation, law enforcement officials have withheld the identities of the suspected driver and the location of the body shop involved. The charges are currently pending, awaiting the results of a crucial DNA evidence analysis. Meanwhile, the investigators have continued to meticulously examine the scene, gathering essential evidence, and piecing together the series of events that unfolded that tragic night.

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